Bollington Cross School Leavers’ Poems

Some of the poems written by Year Six pupils and recited at Bollington Cross School Leavers’ Assembly 20 July 2012

My Leaving Poem!

Teachers said, “Never give up a dream.”
I haven’t and I never will.
Teachers: some people don’t need them, but most do.
I need them because they helped me through.

Mrs Downing, can I just say thank you for everything you’ve done for me?
Miss B, you’re the one I’ll never forget!
Miss Bayliss, TIG! Now you’ll never get me back!
Miss Hughes, whenever I eat chocolate I’ll think of you!
Mrs Walker, you made me become this talker!
Mrs Foote, the first teacher I ever had!
And every other friend, you’ll never end!

Mum and Dad, thank you for bringing me to this school.
Bollington Cross, thank you!
For everything you’ve helped me through!

Bye Bye

The years whilst I’ve been in this school have been and gone too fast,
I wish that I could find a way to relive the past.
In year 3, the laughs and fun never seemed to end,
Meeting brand new teachers, meeting brand new friends.
In class 4, doubled were the trips and treats,
Miss Curtis I have to thank you for the shut-up sweets.
In year 5, PGL was the shining star,
Thank you Miss B for helping me this far.
In year 6, I don’t know what I dreaded more:
The horrid awful SATS or Miss B’s birthday roar!
Thanks to all the teachers who helped me all the way.
Thank you to Miss Downing, I just wish I was here to say:
Bolly Cross, you are the best!!!!!!

Leaving Poem

Bolly Cross is one in a million,
The teachers are too,
Thanks so much for coping with me – I know I can be a pain at times!
Miss B drives everyone round the bend,
But she’s still a good teacher!!
I’ve learned a lot of things like:
1 is not a prime number,
Henry the 8th had 6 wives, not 8,
A circuit needs a battery,
Don’t take a trip on the Titanic,
And do not mess with Boudicca!!
Miss Downing runs this fabulous school,
She’s got fantastic teachers,
And I’m not going to forget anyone here.
I’ve got one last question for Miss B:
Has the jam got bits in it?
Thanks Mum and Dad for sending me to this amazing school!

Moving On

Bolly Cross I’ll remember you,
‘Cause of Miss B’s singing which came out of the blue!
These past 7 years have been great:
They have helped me to decide my fate.
Lots of friends I will be leaving behind,
But they will always remain in my mind.
High School is the next step,
Primary gave me massive prep:
Bolly Cross you gave me dreams and hopes,
Which I’ll take with me when I’m climbing life’s slope.

Epiphany Experience 2011 056-001

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