Epiphany party 2018

Each year we hold a party in church for Praise & Play Children and all our younger church members including the families of children recently baptised.

There was food and drink, various games, and a surprise visit from Three Wise Men who came bearing gifts for the children.

A good time was had by all!


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All Creatures Great and Small – 9 July 2017

great and small – although there were some smaller

St Oswald’s held its first Pet Service today. A varied selection of God’s creatures attended, including a number of pets. There were representatives of Mammals and Reptiles as well as some more symbolic creatures. Such as rocking horses for example.

There were a large number of dogs in the congregation, who vigorously joined in the applause at the speeches during the service. There were no cats. Perhaps this was just as well. A llama and a miniature horse made guest appearances.

Some of the humans explained their roles in looking after some of the other animals who share this planet.

Canon Veronica blessed all the creatures who had attended the service. Then there was coffee and cake. And dog biscuits.

Coming up – Pet Service – 9 July 2017

YOU and YOUR PET are warmly welcome to join us for…

All Creatures Great & Small

– a special service at St Oswald’s to celebrate & bless our local working animals & family pets on Sunday 9th July at 3.00pm

No matter what sort of pet you have, bring it along!*
We hope you and your pet will enjoy our short service of songs and readings, and a chance to connect with other animal lovers of Bollington & Kerridge.

* (All we ask is that cats & other small animals are brought in
safe containers so that they can’t risk being lost – or eaten!)

Download a poster here

Angela’s Amazing Day

IMG_0122Maundy Thursday

It was such an honour to have been nominated to be a recipient of Maundy Money from the Queen, each of us was able to be accompanied by a companion and my daughter was delighted to share the day with me.

The service this year was in St George’s Chapel, Windsor; the first time that it had been held there since 1959. In the intervening years it has been held in different cathedrals throughout the country.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived at 11 o’clock and the procession was magnificent with Yeomen of the Guard carrying golden salvers with the purses on them.

The music was led by the choirs of St George’s and of the Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace, London. At the end of the first lesson the Queen walked down the aisles and gave two purses to each of the 90 men and 90 ladies, so numbered because of Her Majesty’s age this year.

The red leather purse contained a specially minted £5 coin and a 50 pence coin commemorating the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The white purse contained 90 pence, again a number recognising the age of the Queen.

After the service we were taken up the hill to Windsor Castle where we had a Luncheon Reception in the State Apartments, restored following the fire in 1992.

It was a day like no other, with memories to be cherished.