Gin Flight at St Oswald’s

55 people participated in our Gin Flight evening to mark St Oswald’s Day. We enjoyed a variety of gins selected by our host for the evening Heather Kirk (of Concepts of Wine & Dine). Most of the gins had some sort of Ecclesiastical connection. There was also a raffle with many other gin-related prizes.

The event was held to raise funds for our New Kitchen project.

This one was certainly different. It was black. And like Marmite, some enjoyed it, others were not keen.

Afternoon Tea at St Oswald’s – All Welcome

Sunday 1 July 2018

An event to raise funds for the work of the parish.

Sunday Afternoon Tea will be served again on 1 July from 3pm to 5pm! Join us to enjoy cakes, company and crafts and cake. There will be a short performance by our Puppet Group.

Here are a few pictures from last month’s event:


St Oswald’s Organ Appeal

Appeal for funds for the restoration of the organ in St Oswald’s Church

The pipe organ in St Oswald’s Church is about 100 years old, although it has only been in this church for about half of that time, having been transferred from a previous church. It was selected only after careful searching for a good instrument. It was well-built, which is amply demonstrated by its longevity, having performed over this long period with mostly routine maintenance. Some minor changes were made when it was installed in St Oswald’s by the Manchester organ builder Charles Smethurst in 1967.

In construction, the organ consists of an electrical blower providing air from outside the building to a set of bellows. The sounding of each individual pipe is controlled mechanically from the keyboards and pedals by a series of levers, wires and leathered valves.

The organ is now in need of some fairly modest restoration which could easily prolong its use for another 50 years. The main concern is the bellows which have been patched up in recent years when leaks have appeared due to the ageing of the leather. To avoid repeated patching and even possible failure of the bellows it is now necessary to remove, refurbish and re-install them. The bellows are large enough to provide a steady air supply even when many pipes are sounding simultaneously.

The organ is an ideal instrument to accompany choral singing and is regularly used, mainly for church services and occasionally for concerts. Since the loss of the lovely Renn organ from the former parish church of St John (which was transferred to Nailsworth) the St Oswald’s organ is now one of the only two remaining church pipe organs in Bollington.
The current estimate for the repair of the organ is about £7200, which although a considerable sum, is comparatively little in the lifetime of the instrument. Quite a small donation from enough people would be sufficient to meet this cost.

If you would like to be convinced of the beauty of the organ and the worthiness of it’s restoration and would like to see or even to play it, this can be arranged.

It is intended that this appeal will also be used to comemmorate Sue Bennett and her contribution to the music of the church, alas, cut short by her untimely death.

There is a donation box in the church if you wish to help. Please mark your envelope “for the Organ Fund”. Donations can also be addressed to “The Anglican Parish of Bollington PCC – for the Organ Fund”

And the winner is…

eggwinnerIn early Lent, the Rotary Club of Macclesfield Castle obtained 20 very large chocolate Easter Eggs; one was raffled at St. Oswald, with the proceeds shared between Rotary charities and Church funds. The last ticket was sold after the Palm Sunday Service and the draw was made at the Faith Hour on 23rd March.


Judi (who never wins anything) was delighted to have won the Easter Egg competition with ticket no 43.

Some of the non-winners expressed concern about the calorie content of the prize.

The Rotary Club of Macclesfield Castle raises funds to help charities both locally and abroad. You may have heard of ‘Shelter Boxes’ which are sent out to disaster areas, and ‘Water Aid’ which delivers clean drinking water, and also ‘Polio Plus’ which aims to eradicate polio in the world, all funded by Rotary Charities. Locally the club has supported a Youth Speaking Competition, organized a Swimathon here in Macclesfield and recently sponsored a residential weekend for Secondary school students to help them develop their leadership skills.

Stewardship and Giving Research

Please participate in our survey!

SurveyWe will be giving out paper copies of the survey at church over the next few weeks, but you could complete an online survey instead at Survey Monkey part 1 and part 2. (If you do the survey online, please complete both parts).
Our church’s ministry, led by our full-time vicar, Canon Veronica, is supported entirely by your giving, both in your time and your money. In order to help us plan for the future, we would like to ask you some questions. We hope you will not find them too intrusive but for your peace of mind you will remain entirely anonymous! All answers will be aggregated for analysis and reported to the PCC for use in planning. We will make the key findings available to everyone in the church. We hope that this exercise will help you to pray through how you contribute to the life and well-being of this church. We understand that each individual has different circumstances which may mean that giving more, either in time or money, is difficult. We pray that God will bless you in whatever decisions you make. Thank you for your help and God bless you as you continue to support the ministry at St. Oswald’s.

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