Farewell to Revd Michael Fox

MichaelFarewellMichael Fox has been our Assistant Curate since 2014 and the time has now come for him to move on. He was installed as Priest-in-Charge of St Paul’s Macclesfield on 31 August.

He preached for the last time as our Curate on Sunday 28 August at our 10.30 Parish Communion. After the service we enjoyed a “Bring and Share” lunch together in church. A number of items of what could loosely be described as poetry were performed. The following one was written by Maggie O’Donnell and recited by Ken Bennett…

Taking the Michael…

He came from farthest Rainow,
a smile upon his face,
for the Bishop sent him over
to learn to minister with grace.
But Grace had knocked off early,
whatever would he do?
He was rescued by a super lass –
Veronica – that’s who!

His tiny hands were shaking
as he tied his Deacon’s sash.
It wouldn’t stay in place,
Oh alack and alas!
The washing-up took ages
‘cos his hands were shaking more.
The choir kept on singing
encore and encore!

“Don’t worry, lad,” his mentor said,
“We’re all slow at the start.
I’m sure the congregation
will take you to its heart.”
A shaky start I must admit,
but in confidence he grew,
for he had the best of mentors –
Veronica – that’s who!

For two long years he’s laboured;
now his washing-up is slick.
His sermons are compelling,
he can give a bit of stick!
He’s inspired lots of people
with all that he can do.
And we’re really going to miss him –
Reverend Michael Fox – that’s who!

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