Joyce Mullett RIP

(Wife of Revd John Mullett – Vicar of Bollington 1961-69
middle row, second from right – Keep Fit Class, 3 Aug 1961 )

I have very fond memories of both Joyce and John Mullett, so was very saddened to hear of the death of Joyce through her daughter Annie.

I remember her running Keep Fit Classes with the help of Janet Haynes (the curate’s wife) for the ladies of St. John’s; and what fun they had with Joyce being very enthusiastic.

She also loved singing and was a member of the Festival Choir; one of her favourite performances was Handel’s Messiah.

She was very involved with the Mother’s Union up to a few months ago and felt very passionate about this.

Her son John James was a chorister at Lichfield Cathedral and Joyce, along with John, took my parents to attend evensong one winter’s day. On their way home over the Cat & Fiddle their car got stuck in a snow drift, and according to Joyce, fun was had digging the car out, but also worrying that they could be stuck there all night.

Another memory is of a trip to London which Joyce organised for St. John’s Mother’s Union, which would have been very exciting as not many people had ever been to London before. On arrival Joyce told everyone not to be late for the return coach journey home, and if they were the coach would leave without them. A few months later the ladies still laughed, as it was Joyce and a couple of other ladies that ended up being late, and were seen running across Hyde Park in their stockinged feet with the Vicar shouting to them that the coach was about to leave.

Joyce would always tell John off when riding through Bollington on his push bike with his cassock tied around his waist – Joyce thought that this was not what the Vicar of Bollington should be doing.

Joyce will be sadly missed by John, Annie and John James and family and everyone who knew her.

Jackie Pengelly

A trip to St Paul’s Cathedral organised by Joyce, date unknown


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