Beep Beep!

beepbeepdayYou certainly couldn’t miss seeing our toddlers today dressed in bright colours for National Road Safety Week! At Praise & Play we focussed on keeping safe, on the road as well as in the car, at our Beep Beep Event, with Zak the Zebra and his special car seat. The children practised crossing our (pretend) road safely, by always holding their parent’s or carer’s hand and by learning the song: “Use your eyes and your ears before you use your feet!” Then they made big and small handprints with red, orange and green paints on our special poster! Everyone had great fun: playing, snacking on traffic light biscuits and supporting Brake, the road safety charity! Thanks to Bev, Nichola and Alison, for all your good ideas and for making it happen, safely!

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