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Our RiCH Group

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What is RiCH?

RiCH = Refreshment in CHurch. This is our After-School Youth Group that we have been holding since September 2013. The group has proved to be very popular, both with the children who attend and with their parents. The group now runs from 2.50pm till 5.00pm on Thursdays during term time.


Our aim is to provide an environment within the church where Bollington's Secondary School pupils (Years Seven to Nine) are able to drop in on their way home from school for a drink, snack and a chat with their friends. We hope that RICH will help us to maintain, and build on, the relationships that we have already established with them as Primary School children as they face the new and different challenges of High School.

This is a fabulous opportunity to welcome some of the village youngsters into our church and show them what God's Love means. Through our own actions we can encourage them to think about and care for others from all walks of life.

Parents' consent

On their first visit each young person will collect a Parental Consent Form to bring back next time, in order to ensure their parents or guardians are aware of their whereabouts after getting off the school bus that day and are happy for them to attend our RICH group.

young people

Our team of helpers

There are two different roles for our adult volunteers to choose from. One role is as the "front of house" volunteers whose duties include:

  • Welcoming the young people and being available to hear about their day
  • Checking that they have signed in and out
  • Collecting the required information as stipulated by our Parish Safeguarding Policy, including the completed Parental Consent Forms
  • Being responsible for the Health and Safety aspects of the group

In accordance with our Parish Safeguarding Policy, the "front of house" volunteers will need to have completed a self-declaration form and undergone a full Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure Check. (We need to have at least two people present at each weekly session who have undergone these checks.)

The other role we are asking people to kindly take on is that of "behind the scenes" volunteers, who simply need to fill in a less arduous form for parish records and make themselves aware of the Parish Safeguarding Policy. The basic duties of these equally essential "behind the scenes" helpers is to:

  • Serve delicious drinks and snacks
  • Help set up beforehand and clear away afterwards

We have a rota of helpers, but we are still open for recruits and having more on the team will mean this can be shared so that it will not need to be a weekly commitment for any individual. We hope to create a relaxed atmosphere with no elaborate programme, just allowing the young people a safe and welcoming space in which to gather and socialise, with the opportunity to make use of a friendly listening ear if they wish.

We are looking for more keen bakers to go on the 'Cake Rota'. Could you bake a cake for the group approximately once every six weeks?

Could YOU help?

If you have some spare time and would like to be involved in RICH, there are various ways in which you can help:

  • Could you bake a cake for the group approximately once every six weeks?
  • Could you help staff the group?
  • Do you have any special skills, knowledge or crafts that you would be willing to share with the children (they honestly don't bite!!) on a one-off basis?

If you are willing to help in any of these ways or to find out more, please contact me. I'm usually in church on a Sunday and Thursday or alternatively drop me an e-mail at or call me on 01625 500970. Beverley Nixon.

Download a copy of the latest Rota HERE
Please note that this rota will NOT show any "swaps" arranged between individuals since the rota was published!



A RiCH Feast!


Our regular programme includes games (both indoor and outdoor, weather permitting) and different craft activities, such as the flower-arranging session led by two adult members of our our congregation, Dorothye Webster and Chris Forbes, showing how to beautify some old tin cans!!!



The arrangements were given out to helpers after one of our Sunday morning services.

Shoeboxes were packed and wrapped by our RICH Group to be sent off to deserving children via Operation Christmas Child. (Since 1993, more than 100 million boys and girls in over 130 countries have experienced God’s love through the power of simple shoebox gifts from Operation Christmas Child. Samaritan’s Purse works with local churches and ministry partners to deliver the gifts and share the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ. More detail on Samaritan's Purse website.)

shoe boxes


The Parish Church, its building, activities and clergy are entirely funded by voluntary contributions.

We do NOT receive any financial support from the Government, the Diocese, or the Church Commissioners.

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