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The Rolls of Honour

Clarence & Adelphi Mills

Mill roll of honour

George Swindells & Son Limited Rolls of Honour

The Clarence and Adelphi Mills were both owned by George Swindells & Sons. A combined Roll of Honour for WW1 was framed and mounted, along with a much smaller combined Roll of Honour for WW2. The WW1 Roll listed rank, initials, surname and regiment for each man, and symbols alongside some of the names indicated if he was wounded or dead. The regiments are not always correctly identified (it was often the case that a soldier was not mobilised with the regiment or battalion with which he had initially enlisted).

These Rolls were probably originally located in the Clarence Mill (as the Clarence names are listed first). Later they were mounted by the stairs up to the gallery by the West door of St John's Church (this probably happened when the cotton mill ceased operating). When St John's was closed, the Rolls of Honour were removed from the former church for conservation.

They have recently been installed in the Adelphi Mill (ground floor, in the waiting area adjacent to the lift), and are on public view during office hours (Monday to Friday).

(The photograph shows the Rolls of Honour when they were still inside St John's Church. The WW1 Roll is the large framed item - the much smaller WW2 Roll can be seen just to its left)

The details for WW1 are as follows. Names have been rearranged into alphabetical order.

George Swindells & Son Limited
The names of those who served their King and Country in the Great European War

Pte Adams E, 1st Cheshires wounded
Pte Ainsworth H, RWF
Pte Ashley T, MM 7th Cheshires
Pte Ashley J E, 21st Hussars
Gnr Barlow C, RFA wounded
Pte Barlow S, Labour Battn
Pte Barnshaw A, RWF
Pte Barrow A, 5th Manchesters
Pte Barton R, 3rd Cheshires
Pte Barton S, D of L Yeomanry
Pte Bass W H, KORL
Gnr Bassett T, RFA
Pte Beard A, 2/5th L N Lancs
Pte Beard H, 8th Cheshires dead
Gnr Bennett W H, RFA 104th Brigade
2 Lt Betteley J A, 7th Cheshires
Pte Beaumont E, Manchester Regt
AB Bevan A, HMS Princess Royal
Pte Bevan J, 1st Cheshires
Pte Bickerstaff F, RAMC
Pte Blackhurst H, 6th Cheshires
Pte Bossun S, 4th S Lancs
Pte Bostock J M, 90th Labour Battn
Pte Braddock C, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Braddock W, RFA
Pte Bradley B, Training Res
Pte Bradley J, 23rd Middlesex wounded
Pte Bradley W, 6th Kings L’pools
Pte Brocklehurst E, 7th Cheshires
Pte Brocklehurst J, 4th Res Cheshires
Pte Brookes H, Labour Battn
Sgt Broome W, RAF wounded
Pte Brough T, RAF
Pte Brown J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Brown L, Labour Battn
Pte Brunt W, KORL
Pte Buckley W, Cheshires
Pte Burgess W, Labour Battn
Pte Burton D, 2nd Cheshires
Pte Butterworth F, 1/5th South Lancs
Pte Cameron W, RW Fusiliers
Pte Capper E, 7th Cheshires dead
Pte Caveney L, 7th Cheshires
CSM Casey R, 17th Manchesters
Pte Casey T, 7th Cheshires
Pte Clarke J, Cheshires wounded
Pte Clarke J W, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Clayton A, Cheshires dead
Pte Clayton E, 5th Cheshires
Pte Clayton J, RWF
Pte Clayton J T, Labour Battn
Pte Clayton L, 1/7th Kings L’pools dead
Pte Clayton R, RWF
Pte Clayton W, Manchester Regt wounded
Pte Cockayne F, ASC
Pte Cocker F, 7th Cheshires
Gnr Collier B, RNVR
Pte Collier W, 3rd Cheshires wounded
Pte Collier W H, 3rd Cheshires dead
Sgt Crompton C H, 7th Cheshires
Sgt Daniels A, 7th Cheshires
Pte Davidson M, Lanc Fus dead
Pte Derbyshire A, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Dodd J, 3rd Cheshires
Pte Dolan J, Hereford Regt
Cpl Drabble J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Drabble V M D, KORL wounded
Pte Duckworth J, Training Res
Pte Duffield G, 10th Cheshires dead
Sgt Egerton J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Few F, 7th Cheshires

Pte Flint G, 3rd Cheshires
Pte Gain C, Training Res
Pte Galgani A, 7th Cheshires wounded
Sgt Gaskell A, 7th Cheshires
Pte Gaskell S, RWF
Pte Gaskell W B, RGA
Pte Gay R, 7th Cheshires dead
Pte Gee L, RFA
Pte Gibbon J H, Cheshires
Pte Gibbon R, Labour Corps
Pte Gibson J, 8th Cheshires
Pte Gibson W, 1st S W Borderers
Pte Gilman M A, 8th Cheshires wounded
Pte Gleave H, 8th Cheshires
Pte Gleave J, Cheshires
Sgt Gleave N, L N Lancs
Dvr Gleave N C, Motor Transport
Pte Gleave R, RWF dead
Pte Goodwin H, D L Infantry dead
Pte Goodwin H, RWF
Gnr Gratton J, RGA
Pte Green S, 7th Cheshires dead
Pte Hall A, 18th Gloucesters
Pte Hanaghan T, Cheshires
Pte Harding A, 13th Cheshires dead
Pte Harding G, 2nd Shropshires
Pte Harrop J W, 7th Cheshires
Pte Harrop P, 7th Cheshires
Pte Hartley W, 26th Northbld Fus
Pte Hawley H, 7th Cheshires
Pte Hayman J, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Hindley G A, 7th Cheshires
AB Hodkinson T, HMS Vanquis
Pte Hodson D, Cheshires
Pte Holehouse W, 7th Cheshires dead
Sgt Hopper F, MM 22nd Manchr Regt wounded
Pte Hughes J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Hughes R, 8th Cheshires
Sgt Hughes S, 8th Cheshires wounded
Pte Ingley J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Jackson A, Cheshires wounded
Pte Jackson A, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Jackson C E, MM Welsh Regt
Pte Jackson F, 6th Cheshires
Pte Jackson H, 3/7th Cheshires
Pte Jackson H, Cheshires dead
Pte Jackson J, RAMC
Pte Jackson J, Loyal N Lancs
Pte Jackson J H, Cheshires
Pte Jackson T, 3rd Cheshires dead
Pte Jepson J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Johnson H, King’s L’pools
Pte Jones W, 7th Cheshires
Pte Kelly J F, RWF
2 Lt King B, OTC
Pte King J, 7th Cheshires
Bdr King O, RFA
Pte Kirk I, Grenadr Guards
Pte Kirkham H, RWF
Pte Kirkham J F, RWF
Cpl Latham J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Lee T, King’s L’pools
Pte Leigh A, 7th Cheshires
Lt Lindop B C, MC 7th Cheshires
S/M Lomas C, 14th Cheshires
Pte Lomas H G, 7th Cheshires
Pte Mathers T, RAMC
Pte Mattimore L, 7th Cheshires
Pte Mayers A, 7th Cheshires
Pte Mayers A, ASC
Pte Mayers J J, RFA

Pte Moores H, Loyal N Lancs
Pte Morgan J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Morton F, Gloucester Regt
Pte Morton W, 1st Cheshires dead
Pte Moss H, RAMC
Pte Moss W, 10th Manchrs wounded
Pte Nixon A, 5th East Yorks
LCpl Nolan E, London Regt
Pte Nolan L, 5th Cheshires
Pte Nolan L, RWF
Pte Nolan T, Labour Corps
Pte Nolan T, RWF
Pte Nolan T junr, Royal Marines wounded
Pte Nolan W, 5th Cheshires wounded
Pte Nolan W, 5th Cheshires
Dvr Perkin H, ASC
Pte Perkin J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Pickering A, RWF
Pte Potts L, Cheshires
Pte Potts R, RAMC
Pte Potts W, 3rd Cheshires
Stkr Potts W, Royal Navy
Pte Price S, Training Res
LCpl Quinn R, 10th Cheshires wounded
Pte Radcliffe J, RWF
Pte Robinson A, Cheshires
Pte Robinson W, Warwickshires
Pte Roper J W, South Lancs
Pte Rose G, Labour Battn
Pte Shatwell A, 2/7th Lancs Fus
Pte Shatwell H, RAMC
LCpl Shatwell H, 7th Cheshires
Pte Shatwell J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Shatwell W A, RAF
Pte Sheldon W, RAMC
Pte Skirvin S, 7th Cheshires
Pte Slater J, 1st Cheshires
Sea’n Snape H, HMS Birkenhead
Pte Stagg W, 1st Cheshires dead
Pte Stringer A, 7th Cheshires dead
Pte Stringer H, RWF
LCpl Stubbs P, King’s L’pools
Dvr Sutcliffe W, RFA
Pte Sutton J J, Labour Batt
Pte Sutton L, King’ L’pools
Pte Sutton O, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Swinton R, 7th Cheshires
Pte Taylor A, 7th Cheshires dead
Pte Taylor F, Norfolk Regt
Pte Taylor J W, 7th Cheshires dead
Pte Thompson J W, Labour Batt
Pte Timperley H, Cheshires
Pte Turner J, Training Res
Pte Vernon J T, Labour Batt
Gnr Wainwright A, RGA
Pte Walker H, Cheshires
Pte Walton H, 7th Cheshires
Pte Wheelton H, RFA
Pte Wheelton R, West Yorks Regt
Pte Whiston D, 7th Cheshires wounded
Spr Whiston J F, RE
Pte Whitlow J, Labour Batt
Pte Wildgoose J, RAMC
Pte Wilkinson C, 51st Cheshires
Pte Williamson J, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Wilson A, RWF
Sgt Wright J, MM 7th Cheshires dead
Pte Wright J N junr, MM 7th Cheshires
Pte Wright J T, P of War Battn
Pte Wright S, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Wright W, 3rd Cheshires


Pte Ankers G, 11th Cheshires dead
Pte Arnold M J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Bann J E, RWF dead
Pte Barber G, S Wales Bord
Pte Baskerville J, 7th Cheshires
Pte Beard W, 7th Cheshires dead
Pte Belfield R, 7th Cheshires
Pte Bellfield F, 1/9th[!] Cheshires dead
LCpl Berry H, RE
Pte Berry W A, RAMC
Bmdr Betteley J A, RFA
Gnr Braddock F, RGA
Pte Bradley A, Royal Warwicks dead
Pte Bradley J, 1st Cheshires
Pte Buckley J, 7th Cheshires wounded
DSM Casey B, 7th Cheshires
Pte Caveney T, 7th Cheshires
Pte Clayton D, 7th Cheshires dead
F/Lt Cobbold E F W, RFC dead
Pte Cunningham S, 5th Cheshires
Pte Dale C, RAMC
Pte Davenport P, K R L’pool Regt
Mjr Debenham A M G, 7th Lancs Fus wounded
Cpt Dixon E M, 5th Cheshires wounded
Pte Downes T, 6th Cheshires wounded
Gnr Drabble R, RGA
Pte Duffield S, RAMC wounded
Pte Goodwin A, RAMC
Pte Goodwin C, Labour Battn
Pte Goodwin E, 8th Cheshires
Pte Goodwin F, RWF
Pte Goodwin G, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Goodwin H, 7th Cheshires wounded
Sgt Goodwin J, 5th Cheshires wounded
Cpl Goodwin J, RFC
Pte Goodwin J, RWF

Gnr Goodwin W, RGA
Pte Gosling G, RAMC
Gnr Gould A, RGA wounded
Gnr Green J A, RFA
Pte Hall H, 52nd King’s L’pools
Pte Handforth J, Labour Battn
Pte Harding J, KORL
Pte Hawley G, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Hayman W, 1/7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Heathcote A E, RFC
Sgt Holt C, 10th Cheshires wounded
Cpl Hunt A J, AOC
Pte Hunt S, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Hunt S, 7th Cheshires dead
Pte Ingley W, 7th Cheshires
Pte Johnson A, RWF
SBA Kilmartin J, RNVR
Pte Leigh A, 7th Cheshires dead
Pte Leighton W, RGA wounded
Pte Lomas A E, 24th Cheshires
Sgt Lomas C, 7th Cheshires
Spr Longden G, P RE
Pte Mason F, Labour Battn
Pte Mathers J, Labour Battn
Pte Mayers F, South Lancs
Pte Mayers H, L’pool Scottish dead
Pte McGuigan E, Lab Battn (RWF)
Spr McKernan E, RE
Pte Moss H, RAF
Pte Needham W H, 7th Cheshires
Pte Nolan B, RAMC
Pte Nolan G, Manchesters dead
Sgt Nolan O, 8th Cheshires
Pte Oldfield G, 1/7th RWF dead
Pte Osbaldiston H, 51st Manchesters

Pte Page C, 2nd RWF wounded
Pte Perkins G, South Lancs
Pte Potts G H, 4th Cheshires dead
Pte Rawcliffe J T, RWF
Pte Riley E, 7th Cheshires wounded
Pte Rowson J, ASC
Pte Shatwell N, 1/7th Cheshires
Pte Shufflebotham W, 7th Cheshires
Pte Shufflebotham W, 1/7th Cheshires
Pte Smith G H, Labour Battn
Pte Snape A, RFA
Pte Stringer W, RAMC
Lt Col Swindells G H, 4th Cheshires dead
Pte Taylor A E, 2/5th South Lancs
Pte Taylor H, 7th Cheshires
Pte Taylor J, 5th Cheshires dead
Pte Thompson H, 7th Cheshires wounded
Sgt Thorley B, RAF
Pte Thorley J, RAMC
Pte Tinsley G A, 16th South Lancs
Sgt Tinsley W, 7th Cheshires
Sgt Turner C H, RASC
Pte Unwin W, KORL
Pte Unwin W, RWF
LCpl Wainwright A E, 14th Cheshires
Pte Wainwright G, 1/5th Devons wounded
Cpl Wainwright T, APC
Pte Walton F, RGA
Pte Warburton J R, 4th Cheshires
Pte Warren J, 1/7th Cheshires
Pte White P, 13th Cheshires dead
Pte Wood J H, RAF
Pte Wood J N, Grenadr Guards dead
Pte Wright F, 3/7th Cheshires
Pte Wyatt S, Labour Corps

Roll of Honour

(This roll is physically much smaller than the WW1 Roll!)

George Swindells & Son Limited
The names of those who served in His Majesty's forces in the Second World War

Clarence Mill

Driver S Brown, Royal Army Service Corps
Private T Chapman, Welch Regiment wounded
Sergeant G H Downs, 7th Cheshires
Corporal J Drabble, 7th Cheshires
Trooper W Drabble, Royal Armoured Corps
Gunner F Eyres, Royal Artillery
Private J Farrall, 7th Cheshires
Gunner G Flint, Royal Artillery
L/Corporal C H Gibbon, 1st Irish Guards
Gunner S Gibson, Royal Artillery
Sapper C Goodwin, Royal Engineers
Sergeant H Hall, 6th Cheshires wounded
Marine K Holt, Royal Marines
Driver G Hunt, 6th Airborne
Sergeant C W Hurley, 7th Cheshires
Gunner V Impett, Royal Artillery
Warrant Officer W King, Royal Air Force
Gunner J W Minshull, Royal Artillery dead
Private J R Newcombe, 2nd Yorks & Lancs
Private J F Nolan, 30th Cheshires
LAC P Shaw, Royal Air Force
Staff Sergeant D Shepherd, Royal Army Service Corps
Gunner E Snape, Royal Artillery
Warrant Officer J Taylor, Royal Air Force
LAC F Wheeldon, Royal Air Force
Sapper C H Whitehurst, Royal Engineers

Adelphi Mill

Sergeant J N S Ashton, Royal Air Force DFM dead
Leading Cook N F Ault, Royal Navy
Gunner J Barton, Royal Artillery
Corporal R D Barton, 2nd Kings Mentioned in Despatches wounded
Corporal W A Barton, Royal Army Medical Corps
Lieutenant P J Blake, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
LAC J D Bradbury, Royal Air Force wounded
Corporal V Bradley, Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Sapper S Brooks, Royal Engineers
L/Corporal D Clarke, 4th Cheshires
Private S N Clayton, 7th Cheshires wounded
Private E Cotterill, 93rd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders wounded
Private E Coyne, 7th Cheshires
Stoker A Hall, Royal Navy
Pilot Officer J G L Haigh, Royal Air Force dead
Corporal J Hancock, Army Catering Corps
Private J Heathcote, Royal Army Ordnance Corps wounded
Gunner G W Lancaster, Royal Artillery
AC1 T Leigh, Royal Air Force
Private J Lomas, 6th Cheshires
Private E Moores, 1st Essex
LAC W L Peck, Royal Air Force
Private W S Pownall, 17th Durham Light Infantry
Stoker D J Pyatt, Royal Navy
Private L Ratcliffe, 30th Cheshires wounded
Able Seaman E Rowbotham, Royal Navy
Private L Scragg, 6th Cheshires
Private R Shepherd, 47th Royal Marine Commandos
CQMS J Whaley, 7th Cheshires
Private J Whittaker, 7th Cheshires dead
Corporal P Whitmore, Royal Air Force
Private E V Wilson, 2nd South Lancs

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