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Schematic plan

...showing the area references used to locate the approximate position of memorials

NOTE: unlike the churchyard plans, the columbarium plan is shown with South at the top. When you enter the columbarium via the steps near the churchyard gate and face south (towards White Nancy) the layout of the columbarium will be as shown in the plan. The orientation of the lettering on the memorial inscriptions is indicated by the orientation of the letter codes on the plan. Zone K can be found on section C of the churchyard plan.

columbarium plan

This plan shows the extension to the columbarium opened in 2013. Section J has been extended and renumbered (J3 was formerly J2). A new Memorial Rose Garden has been provided together with a new Wall upon which memorials can be attached. Ashes placed in the Memorial Garden will be placed directly in the earth without casket or other container. There will be no memorials in the garden itself; memorials will be added onto the Memorial Wall. The first interments in the Rose Garden were those of William and Joan Mary Green in September 2016.
(In the original part of the Columbarium there are some blank stones acting as placeholders for future interments; these blank stones do not appear in the list.)

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