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28 Apr 19: 10.30am Parish Communion: 2nd Sunday of Easter: Organist= Jenny T
(draft) 494 Love's redeeming work is done (draft) 401 Jesus, stand among us (draft) 51 At the Lamb's high feast we sing (draft) 777 To God be the glory!

5 May 19: 10.30am Family Worship: 3rd Sunday of Easter: Organist= Martin
(draft) 377 Jesus bids us shine (draft) 854 You stood there on the shoreline (draft) 329 I danced in the morning

19 May 19: 10.30am Family Communion: 5th Sunday of Easter: Organist= Martin
(draft) 716 The kingdom is upon you! (draft) 222 Gloria (Clap hands) (draft) 755 This is my body (draft) 211 From the very depths of darkness

26 May 19: 10.30am Parish Communion: 6th Sunday of Easter: Organist= Jenny T
(draft) 760 This is the day the Lord has made (draft) 127 Come, let us join our cheerful songs (draft) 452 Longing for light (draft) 529 Now is eternal life

30 May 19: 7.30pm Holy Communion: Ascension Day: Organist= volunteer please
(draft) 296 Heaven is open wide (draft) 638 Rejoice, the Lord is King (draft) 319 How lovely on the mountains (draft) 103 Christ triumphant

2 Jun 19: 10.30am Family Worship: 7th Sunday of Easter: Organist= Jennifer
(draft) 293 He is exalted [sing 3 times] (draft) 467 Lord of all hopefulness (draft) 732 The Spirit lives to set us free

9 Jun 19: 10.30am Parish Communion: Pentecost: Organist= Jennifer
(draft) 268 Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost (draft) 184 Filled with the Spirit's power (draft) 108 Christians, lift up your hearts (draft) 491 Love divine, all loves excelling

16 Jun 19: 10.30am Family Communion: Trinity Sunday: Organist= Martin
(draft) 320 How shall I sing that majesty (draft) 309 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord (draft) 33 Alleluia, sing to Jesus (draft) 406 Jesus, we have heard your Spirit

23 Jun 19: 10.30am Parish Communion: 1st Sunday after Trinity: Organist= Jenny T
(draft) 198 For the healing of the nations (draft) 353 In Christ there is no east or west (draft) 110 Christ's is the world (draft) 200 Forth in the peace of Christ we go

30 Jun 19: 10.30am Parish Communion: 2nd Sunday after Trinity: Organist= Martin
(draft) 463 Lord Jesus Christ (draft) 594 One is the body (draft) 766 Thou didst leave thy throne (draft) 834 Will you come and follow me

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