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25 Feb 18: 10.30am Parish Communion: 2nd Sunday of Lent: Organist= Jenny T
65 Be thou my guardian and my guide 687 Take my life, and let it be 337 I, the Lord of sea and sky 834 Will you come and follow me
Communion: 464 Lord Jesus Christ, be present ; 86 Break thou the bread ; [I lift my eyes]

4 Mar 18: 10.30am Family Worship: 3rd Sunday of Lent: Organist= Martin
27 All who would valiant be 257 God the Father, name we treasure 657 Show me how to stand for justice

11 Mar 18: 10.30am Parish Communion: 4th Sunday of Lent: Organist= n/a
532 Now thank we all our God 383 Jesus, good above all other 26 All things bright and beautiful 605 Our Father God in heaven

18 Mar 18: 10.30am Family Communion: 5th Sunday of Lent: Organist= n/a
252 God of the Passover 788 Walk with me, O my Lord 3 A man there lived in Galilee

25 Mar 18: 10.30am Parish Communion: Palm Sunday: Organist= n/a
12 All glory, laud and honour 521 My song is love unknown 23 All praise to thee

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