Bollington Festival 2014 at St Oswald’s

Bollington Festival comes to St Oswald’s


The first Bollington Festival was held in 1964.  It was led by Dr John Coope with the assistance of the curate of St Oswald’s – Revd Derek A D Smith.

 2014 marked the 50th anniversary with a festival running from Friday 16th May to Sunday 1st June.

A number of events were held at St Oswald’s. Several local photographers provided pictures for this webpage and (where requested) their names appear on the photos. We thank them all for their contributions.

William Byrd Singers

Jackie Kay poetry reading


“Festival – A Chorus of Voices” – a new play

“Stitch and Stone”

Renowned local historian Dr Brenda King gave a fascinating Powerpoint presentation tracing the development of Church Embroidery in the town of Leek, its place in the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the collaboration of some of the leading architects of the Victorian age.

Among the items on display were various exquisitely worked examples of Leek embroidery on loan for this event, including an elaborate three-panelled altar frontal from St Miachael & All Angels, Macclesfield, a smaller red altar frontal previously used in St John the Baptist, Bollington and a recently restored burse and veil from Sutton St James. There were also several somewhat fragile superfrontals and other rescued fragments which graphically demonstated the urgent need for appropriate conservation measures to be put in place to preserve this vulnerable artwork heritage.

Modern examples of mainly machine-worked ecclesiastical garments were also exhibited, including some 20th century copes and a selection of seasonal stoles and chasubles which are still worn today by clergy in St Oswald’s church, much to the delight of members of our congregation, but principally to enhance our worship of God.

An installation by Bollington Cross School…


Petals and Threads

During the Bollington Festival in May 2014, St Oswald’s was open to the public to enjoy a truly memorable display of flowers and embroidery, the work of local Bollington enthusiasts.

We are very grateful to all who have contributed to this splendid local Festival of Flowers and Embroidery:

  • Bollington Flower Club
  • Bollington Textile Art and Creative Embroidery Groups
  • Bollington PCC & Congregation
  • Those who’ve kindly lent us their precious items of memorabilia of WW1 and 2
  • Bollington Horticultural Society
  • Bollington URC
  • Debra Tracey: Mosaic Artist

Many thanks are also due to all who attended our fundraisers: the Coffee Morning, Quiz Night, Poetry & Song Evening & Tea at the Ritz!

Very special thanks go to Audrey Downes, Beryl Platt and Ann Ford, whose lively imagination, enthusiasm, and many months of hard work have truly been an inspiration to us all!


Preparing the flowers…

The flower displays…

The “Threads”…

And the show opens…