Centenary of the Armistice 1918

Various commemorative events will be arranged to mark the centenary of the signature of the Armistice on 11 November 1918. But there is one commemoration that you can view right now in Bollington – at least, during office hours Monday to Friday.

The Rolls of Honour for the Adelphi and Clarence Mills for both WW1 and WW2 were probably originally to be found in the Clarence Mill, but we think that they were relocated to a position under the tower of St John’s church when the Mill ceased production. When the former parish church was closed, the Rolls were put into storage for safe keeping while an alternative location could be found for them.

The rolls have now been installed in the Adelphi Mill, near the lift entrance on the ground floor and can be viewed by the public free of charge during normal office hours. Enter the Mill building by the main entrance – the stairs will be on your left and the lift entrance will be on your right. However, it is normally difficult to find a parking space unless you are visiting the gym or one of the other businesses in the Adelphi that has reserved parking.

The Rolls of Honour list employees of the Adelphi and Clarence Mills who served in the two world wars (not only those who lost their lives in the conflicts). They show their ranks and regiments, whether they received gallantry medals, and whether they were wounded or killed. Note that many soldiers did not remain in the regiments with which they initially enlisted, so in some cases the regiment shown on the Roll of Honour my not be the one in which a man spent most of his service.

Most of the surnames on the lists are still represented in Bollington today, so why not go and see if any of your family members are listed?
These Rolls of Honour are part of Bollington’s heritage and we are grateful that the management of the Adelphi Group have put them on public view in co-operation with Bollington Town Council.

You can read more about Bollington men who served in World War 1 on the Bollington Online War Memorial, which can be found on our parish website – look under Family History on the Home page.

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  1. My Dad is remembered at the bottom left. He was an Office Junior at the Adelphi Mill when he went to War in 1914. He Returned and lived the rest of his life in Bollington, finally leaving this life in 1971. He was proud of his Service in both Wars.

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