Day 33 Journey through Lent by Helen Buchanan

Do you Believe in Miracles?

Jesus’ divine self had supernatural powers demonstrated in the good works he performed. These extraordinary acts of kindness came in the form of miracles and there are plenty recorded in the Gospels. Jesus’ divinity shone relentlessly from him and his miracles proclaimed Jesus’ authority in Heaven, and on earth.

Do miracles happen today? There can be no doubt they do but some doubt they do, putting it down to science.

In 1990, my 10 year old son fell critically ill with a mysterious virus which confounded the doctors and specialists who cared for him. He spent weeks in intensive care on a life support machine and I was told to prepare for the worse. Darkness overwhelmed all my family. My 3 year old daughter also fell ill with the same virus, spending four days in hospital, in isolation, but easily recovered. Life was grim and the doctors could offer little hope to us. Weeks past, his school friends recorded a tape to play to my son, his friends in our road collected money for a gold cross and had it blessed, everybody prayed relentlessly and time stood still. There seemed to be nothing but grim news from the doctors every day and it was hard to keep up hope week after week.

I tried to cope by just focusing on the now, living in the moment, not thinking about what might be, or dwelling on what had been, easier said than done. I often prayed loud and angry prayers during my frank appeals to God for help. In the end I resulted to bargaining with God or trying to “ Take my life not Brendan’s” I begged desperately. I thank God my son lived but it caused partial sightedness, mild cerebral palsy, gall stones and 3 years to get over it. At times the physical aftermath of illness was very painful and it had a deep and lasting effect on my son’s life and ours.

One day, at his Neurologist appointment, the doctor admitted he remained baffled by my son’s recovery, adding that it was nothing short of a miracle. The word “miracle” was repeated again by the Ophthalmologist and then the Child Development Specialist too. But it came as no surprise to me, I already knew it was a miracle when I saw my sons recovery confounding the nurses faces as my son came out of a coma. Yes, miracles do happen, and I have been blessed and privileged to have it happen to my son.

“Father, not my will, but yours be done.” Luke 22. 42

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  1. Thank you so much, Helen, for sharing your family’s story. I’m sure it will have many echoes with the people struggling to cope with COVID-19 at the moment. Love and prayers, Veronica xxx

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