Day 34 Journey through Lent by Helen Buchanan

Knowing Jesus

We know more about Jesus than we probably realise, particularly his human self. Physically, he was of Middle-Eastern origin so would have had dark hair and olive skin. Prior to becoming a teacher, he would have been clean-shaven, as was the tradition, then once he started preaching, he would have grown a beard as Rabbi’s do. His height would have been typical of a man of that time between 5’6 – 5’8 maximum.

Personality wise, Jesus was a good judge of character picking his 12 disciples mostly from his friends. Jesus showed great knowledge and wisdom when faced with the intimidation of the Pharisees and Sadducees. He was a natural storyteller and would have been quite entertaining to be able to command a crowd of 5000’s attention. Jesus was a natural storyteller.

Jesus was a man who was prepared to stand up for his principles even being prepared to overturn the money changers tables at great personal risk. But in doing so he also showed he was capable of channelling anger in a controlled and focused way. A lesson for us all.

Jesus was immensely brave and courageous when he endured death by crucifixion. He showed physical endurance not only when tempted in the desert but when he coped with unspeakable acts of torture and a brutal death. Jesus was able to do this because of his immense love for us and for his Father in Heaven. Jesus found physical strength in love.

Jesus never owned his own home or collected possessions even though he was courted by many rich followers. Instead, he relied on friends to support him and never worried where his next meal will come from, placing all his trust in God. Jesus gave his whole life for us and now asks us to do the same for him. Some things we do are better late than never.

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