Friends of St Oswald’s

We are urgently inviting you to become a Friend of St Oswald’s

The Sunday Times has said that Bollington is a great place to live, and we certainly agree!
Bollington has it all: beautiful countryside, a great community, excellent schools, vibrant arts centre, medical centre, shops, restaurants, pubs… and of course St Oswald’s – a well-kept and accessible Arts & Crafts style Church of England parish church.

But how much longer will your parish church be here?
Here are the hard facts:
St Oswald’s costs up to £90,000 a year to run. That breaks down to £7,500 a month, or £1,730 each week!
This includes the cost of our full-time Parish Priest, the upkeep of our church building and also of St John’s Churchyard and Columbarium. Plus there are all the different kinds of services and pastoral care we offer throughout the course of a year to the whole community of over 8,000 people around us in Bollington and Kerridge!

Despite generous support from other people when we have special appeals for charity or building improvements, the burden of meeting our running costs is falling almost entirely on around one hundred regular worshippers. We love the church, and will continue to give all we can, but the truth is that we can no longer pay the bills, however careful we are to minimise our housekeeping expenses. Our primary school children have just helped us celebrate 110 years since we opened our doors. But at this rate, St Oswald’s will sadly have to close before many of these children themselves get to become parents, let alone grandparents!

    • What St Oswald’s has done for you over the years:
      Many of you will have been welcomed by St Oswald’s for various reasons:
      • Christenings & thanksgivings
      • Fun events for your children
      • Schools’ Experience Weeks
      • Praise & Play toddler group
      • Pre-teens’ After School group
      • Wedding Celebrations
      • Funerals & Bereavement Care
      • Christingles & Christmas Eve
      • Good Friday & Easter services
      • Light Parties, Family Fun Days
      • Remembrances, Village events
      • Animal Blessing services
      • Charity Fundraisers & Socials
      • Concerts & Exhibitions
      • Quiet Spaces for Prayer
      • Maintaining our Churchyard for the whole community

“Religion at its best will always welcome the stranger, mend wounds, share blessings, remove barriers and  expand the table.” (John Pavlovitz)

How you can help now:
Please become a Friend of St Oswald’s!
If just 500 Bollingtonians would be willing to donate £2 a month on a regular basis, St Oswald’s would no longer be threatened with closure! We would instead be able to respond confidently to everyone who asks for our help, in times of need or celebration. We could continue to provide appropriate services and professional care, whilst offering simple friendship, a warm welcome, and a unique space for the development of spirituality and worship, for many years to come.

It’s easy to become a Friend!
Download a form  to set up a Standing Order directly with your bank for a monthly payment of £2.00 or any other amount you choose to give. If you are a UK taxpayer and eligible to Gift Aid your donation, this will increase your gift by 25p for every £1 given, at no extra cost to you or Friends of St Oswald’s

Please note that NO personal details other than your e-mail address will be stored online. That is why there are forms to download, to be sent to our PCC Secretary at:

PCC Secretary c/o St Oswald’s Church, Bollington Road, Bollington, SK10 5EG

St Oswald’s Church is part of the Church of England, but we receive no funding from the national church at all. However, St Oswald’s is ‘there’ for everyone in Bollington: we hope you agree that our town would be much the poorer without it.

Thank you for whatever help you can give!

St Oswald’s: Your Parish Church