God who made the earth

A hymn to sing along with…

The words were written by Sarah Betts Rhodes née Bradshaw (1830-1890), the wife of a Sheffield merchant, for the 1870 Sheffield Sunday School Union Whitsuntide Festival. I don’t know how many verses it had at that time, but an 1898 hymnal included seven. Modern hymnals only include three or four. This arrangement is for four of them, with the missing three shown below.

The tune Sommerlied (Summer Song) was written by Revd Carey Bonner (1859-1938), a Baptist minister who was ordained in 1874. He ministered at Sale 1884-1895. He went on to become involved in the Sunday School movement and was President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain 1931-1932. He wrote a number of hymns and published several hymnals. He seems to have used a number of pseudonyms as a hymn-writer, perhaps because of the prominent positions he held. This tune was published under the name of Hermann von Müller.

The tune is simple enough for children to learn, but I wouldn’t describe it as a childish tune and it has a pleasing accompaniment.


God who made the earth,
the air, the sky, the sea,
who gave the light its birth,
careth for me.

God who made the grass,
the flower, the fruit, the tree,
the day and night to pass,
careth for me.

God who made the sun,
The moon, the stars, is he
who, when life’s clouds come on,
careth for me.

God who sent his Son
to die on Calvary,
he if I lean on him,
will care for me.

Here are the missing 1898 verses…

[4] God who made all things
On earth, in air, in sea,
Who changing seasons brings,
Careth for me.

[5] God, who gave me breath,
Be this my prayer to Thee,
That, when I sink in death,
Thou care for me.

[7] When in heaven’s bright land
I all His loved ones see,
I’ll sing with that blest band,
God cared for me.

2 thoughts on “God who made the earth”

  1. Another hymn from my childhood when I spent part of it living in the Post Office in Wincle. We learnt it for the Harvest Festival I think and it certainly makes me think of harvest time now and a chance to just tell God how grateful I am for all I have received . A lovely choice of hymn for today.

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