Journey through Lent by Helen Buchanan

Don’t Keep it to Yourself

We can be guilty of keeping our faith a private thing and be uncomfortable about discussing it. But that’s exactly what Jesus wants us to do and not just with fellow Christians either. Faith is something we all need to be more open about. We wouldn’t be Christians today if someone hadn’t shared their faith with us so it’s crucial we do the same. We are part of that chain that keeps the faith alive and even better, grows it. But how do we share our faith and where do we start? The good news is that Jesus does not expect us all to become evangelists for that’s a gift in itself. It took a visitation of the Holy Spirit to help the Disciples and they’d already spent 3 years as apprentices of Jesus.

We do not have to even become evangelists, as there are plenty of people who have a gift to do that. Instead, we can be Christians, doing ordinary things to help people, made special by the Holy Spirit. Our actions should show we are Christians but we must also be more open about our faith. If you have had a prayer answered, then tell someone. If we go to church to worship, then tell someone. If we feel powerless to help someone, then tell them you will pray for them instead. You could also wear a cross, or a fish to put your faith on show. When we meet new people and they ask us about our lives, let them know we are Christians, for it shouldn’t be the very last thing people find out about us.

A survey by the Church of England in 2015 found 56% of people surveyed said they were Christians yet only 10% of those people ever went to church. If you have only just become a Christian, one of the great thing about church is that everyone who goes is a Christian. You are among people who believe!. Of course the real challenge comes on the other 6 days of the week and that’s when we need to share our faith more and it’s never too late to start!

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