Journey through Lent by Helen Buchanan

Christ is Risen

How wonderful this sounds today – as joyful as it was on that first Sunday morning. Imagine going to the tomb expecting to find a cold corpse and instead to find a living Jesus! This was the biggest miracle of them all!

Mary must have felt ecstatic and couldn’t wait to tell the Disciples. It’s interesting how Mary had not hidden away like the Disciples and was prepared to go and anoint Christ’s body without any fear for her own safety.

There Mary found that God had touched Jesus and he had burst through the limitations of his earthly body, revealing himself as the Risen Christ , the Saviour of the world. How magnificent and how thrilling it must have been!

Today, Christians everywhere can repeat with thanks and praise, those profound words of Job:

“I know that my Saviour lives and at the end, He will stand on this earth.”

Job 19. 25-27

Nicky Gumbel, wrote in his 2004 book “Questions of Life”how the Good News of Christianity is that God loves us and will never leave us in the mess we make of our lives. God came to earth, in the person of His Son, to die instead of us, not as well as us. And by doing this, Jesus breaks the barrier of death and restores our relationship with God. The bridge is open and we are welcome to cross it ! We have our part to play too by following Jesus and putting him first in our lives. Then, when our earthly life is done, are we free to cross the bridge Christ’s sacrifice created, so we can live forever with the Lord.

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