Peace be to this congregation

A hymn by Charles Wesley.

Peace be to this congregation,
peace to every soul therein,
peace, which flows from Christ’s salvation,
peace, the fruit of pardoned sin,

peace that speaks its heavenly Giver,
peace, to earthly minds unknown,
peace divine that lasts forever,
peace that comes from God alone.

Jesus, Prince of peace, be near us;
fix in all our hearts your home;
with your gracious presence cheer us;
let your sacred kingdom come;

raise to heaven our expectation,
give our favoured souls to prove
glorious and complete salvation,
in the realms of bliss above.

  • Veronica on Peace be to this congregationNever heard this one before! It's really lovely! 🙂 Hopefully it will be added to our choir's repertoire, especially whilst...

One thought on “Peace be to this congregation”

  1. Never heard this one before! It’s really lovely! 🙂 Hopefully it will be added to our choir’s repertoire, especially whilst we are unable to physically share the Peace 🙂

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