St Oswald’s re-opening after lockdown!

Sunday 4 October 2020

Builders Ian and Pete have finished work on the new kitchen and fire escape.

The Ministry Team have set out the chairs to allow socially distanced worship in preparation for those who have booked in for Sunday worship. I’m not sure if they are just testing the seats or exhausted after their efforts!

Our 2020 Easter Candle was brought into church and lit for the first time at the start of today’s service of Holy Communion. The candle had arrived during lockdown, and there were no public services in St Oswald’s this Easter.

One thought on “St Oswald’s re-opening after lockdown!”

  1. How wonderful the church looks and what a great job the builders have done of everything. It must have been very rewarding doing the stonework knowing it would become part of the church heritage and history.

    Thank you to all those who first thought of the idea , thank you to those movers and shakers who let the idea take flight, thank you to Richard for project managing it and thank you to the Veronica, the Church Wardens and the numerous volunteers who prepared the church for reopening . Simply wonderful . God Bless You All.

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