Veronica’s 60th Birthday Surprise

On Monday evening 29 October 2012 the congregation gathered together in church for the Surprise Party. Most of the lights were switched off and we awaited Veronica’s arrival, contrived by Dave who was in on the secret. As she entered church, she was truly shocked, which was wonderful! And to think that we managed to arrange the party without her knowledge! Well done to everyone!

The evening went very well with good conversation, food and, of course, the fantastic birthday cake kindly made by Ann Stringer, iced and decorated with a sculpture of St Paul’s Cathedral, a cargo ship and a gondola!

After a song by the choir and a poem read by Dave, we had a toast to Veronica. A cheque was then presented to her from the congregation.

The candles were lit on the cake, Happy Birthday was sung and everybody had a piece of the cake.
Thanks to everyone who helped to make this a truly special evening.

Jackie Pengelly

Birthday Song

Baptising babies, weekends on Cursillo,
Smooth gin and tonics and sermons with brio,
Moving church furniture round on your whims:
These are a few of your favourite things

Dang-ly earrings and chocolate coin treasure,
Giving out presents because they give pleasure,
Weeks spent in Venice that make your heart sing:
These are a few of your favourite things

When it’s freezing, there’s no heating,
When you’re feeling sad,
Then simply remember your favourite things
And then you won’t feel so bad.

Whole school assemblies and singing at birthdays,
Conducting weddings, remembering Feast days,
Travelling to India with lots of friends:
Now that we’ve started the list never ends.

When life’s dismal, at a funeral,
When you’re feeling sad,
Then simply remember your favourite things
And then you won’t feel so bad.

Friends and relations and great hymns for singing,
Shopping in bookshops and incense for swinging,
Blessings on couples who smile with relief,
Comforting everyone at times of grief.

When life’s whining, sun not shining,
When you’re feeling sad,
Then simply remember your favourite things
And then you won’t feel so bad.

written by Maggie O’Donnell

Birthday Poem

In nineteen hundred fifty two
th’Elizabethan age began
but on this day I hope that you
will call this age “Veronican”.

Alumni from her former school
are designated the “Old Blues”!
You might have thought that old and blue
lie not among the words to use
about our Vicar, youngish still,
(at heart, that is) and rarely glum.
But moving on, Insurance will
be what brings life its premium.

At Lloyds of London, risks marine
were calculated and proposed.
We’ll never know what might have been
had not Th’Almighty interposed
a calling. But, of course, back then
though Westcott House would welcome all
the priesthood only was for men.
And later on, it was St Paul
(no less!) whose church on Ludgate Hill
allowed some women deacons through.
And there again (though later still)
Veronica was priested too.

At All Saints’ Poplar she did dwell
for training in the curacy,
then Roxwell, then Emmanuel
–her first full-time incumbency
(in Chelmsford diocese, you know),
then north to Deva and to Dave.
In Timperley she first did go,
then Bollington had souls to save.

In twenty-twelve the chronicle
reminds all to raise a cheer
and that our own Veronica’ll
be sixty through the coming year!

Written by Dave