Bollington Church News August 2020

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Bollington Church News is Published by the PCC
Editorial Team: Revd Canon Veronica Hydon, Ann Stringer, Dave Williams, Anne Coomes
Treasurer and Advertising Secretary: John Rickman
Adverts: 01625 573817
Temporary COVID crisis distributors: The Ireland family, Christine Osbaldiston
Please send any material for the next edition by 10 August 2020 to

The online edition is missing two pages. One of them is “Mousemakes”, the other contains the above editorial data. If you would like to download the full version in order to print off one or more pages, click here.

We would still welcome donations specifically for the completion of our Kitchen Development Project. Cheques should be made payable to: “The Anglican Parish of Bollington PCC” with “Kitchen Project” written on the reverse. Any surplus donations so designated will be used for general maintenance and regular outgoings. Thank you!

Bollington Church News: July 2020

A new way to read Church News…

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The online version is limited to 30 pages. One of the missing pages is “Mouse makes” from Parish pump. The full version of the magazine can be downloaded here. You can (if you wish) print individual pages from the download.

Bollington Church News – June 2020

The online version of our Parish Newsletter

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This is a new way to read Church News.

If you would like to download your own copy (for example, to print off any pages), click here.

Please let us know what you think.

Bollington Church News

Our Parish Magazine

We have for many years had a parish magazine printed for sale and distribution either monthly or (more recently) bi-monthly. It has been available to members of our congregation, but also to a wider public who do not attend St Oswald’s on a regular basis.

The COVID-19 emergency has forced us to reconsider how we we can handle the publication of “Bollington Church News” during a lock-down.

We have decided, as an experiment, to produce an online magazine, which can be read on your computer screen. It is in effect a conventional magazine layout that can be read without the need to print it out. All you need to do is download it*.

*Your normal browser may allow you to open and read the magazine, but if not you will need a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. This will work on both PC and Apple Mac, and is free to download and use. Other pdf readers are available. Acrobat download link here.

It probably won’t be so easy to read on the small screen of a mobile phone – this would require a fully electronic version, which is not envisaged for the time being in view of the work required to achieve it.

When you open the file, you can read it either with full page width, or with one page per screen. If you use a tablet, it will be best to view it in portrait mode so that a page will fit on a whole screen.

It is possible to print off the magazine if you wish, but please note that there are 40 pages! (It is also possible -if you really want to – to print it in booklet form, double sided, so that you can reassemble it into a conventional format).

Download your copy by clicking here.

(You may find it easier to read if you save the document to your computer and re-open it with a pdf reader.)

We will be printing a limited number of copies for those we know do not have easy access to a computer.

We would welcome feedback about this experimental online publication. In particular:

  • Would you like the online edition to continue?
  • Can we reduce the number of printed copies? (to save print costs – although for the time being we are incurring some postage charges)
  • Is there sufficient demand for a fully electronic edition, readable on any device?
  • Are there specific topics you would like us to cover?
  • Can YOU contribute any articles? (even if in note form that an editor can develop)
  • Can YOU help to produce the magazine?

Please use this feedback form to give us your views:

Thank you