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Burial Records and Memorial Inscriptions 1835-2018

The first burial was recorded in 1835.

Plot Number Search

A Plot number is normally a whole number from 1 to 2109, but there are a few plots with numbers ending in .5

NOTE: There are many plot numbers for which we have NO INFORMATION!

Please read the Guidance Notes, to assist in understanding the results of your search. Memorial Inscriptions (in particular) can give rise to misleading interpretation!

General notes:
The date of death shown may only be indicative. In most cases, the date of death is NOT indicated in the burial register. Where there has been a full burial, this will normally occur within a few days of death (typically within 2-5 days, but sometimes longer in more recent years). Interment of ashes may take place soon after cremation or much later, several years later in some cases. Burial of ashes has not always been recorded in the burial registers (it may have depended on the type of ceremony at the time of interment). Entries in the burial register usually indicate if the interment is of ashes, but there are a few cases where this indication may have been omitted.

If the age of the deceased is recorded in the burial register and/or memorial inscription, this age is what is shown in this record. Otherwise the age may be approximate, calculated by subtraction of birth year from death year.

If the interment has been carried out by clergy of the parish, this is indicated by the word 'vicar' or 'curate' following the name. Otherwise the name of the other Anglican parish or other denomination is given where known (this may be helpful in searching for other records elsewhere).

Precise locations of burial plots are NOT usually indicated in the registers. Indications of burial plots given in the burial registers can be unreliable, sometimes conflicting with details from other sources. Possible indications of burial plots shown on this website CANNOT be taken as definite proof of burial location.

The presence of a name on a memorial does not necessarily mean that that person's remains are buried at that plot.

Burial plot locations can be identified by referring to the Schematic Map. When trying to locate a burial plot, it may be helpful to BROWSE memorials in the surrounding area.

The registers covered in this database start from from 1835 (the earliest burials at St John's) and transcriptions are complete up to August 2004 and from April 2007 onwards, although very recent interments may not yet be included. Volume 9 of the register (between 2004 and 2007) is missing.

If you think there are problems with this search, or can provide additional information, please contact the Webmaster (

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