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Memorial Inscriptions in St John's Churchyard

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Plan of Section F 1932 extension and overview

section F

Area Area F 1932 extension Burial Plots 1648 to 1774

82 inscriptions listed below. Plot numbers in red refer to the plan above.

1648 vase inscribed ANNIE & GEORGE.

1649 ELLEN STOCKTON died 1945 aged 79 HANNAH FLINT died 1948 aged 85 JOSEPH OLDFIELD died 1952 aged 49 FANNY OLDFIELD died 1997 aged 89

1651 Inscribed In loving memory of my dear husband HERBERT HARROP died June 20th 1938 aged 36 years. "Until the day dawns"

1653 BERTHA INGHAM December 15th 1937 aged 58 years WILLIAM INGHAM December 31st 1938 age 63 MAUD INGHAM July 6th 1944 aged 60 years BEATRICE INGHAM January 14th 1952 aged 63 years. BLANCHE INGHAM March 10th 1959 aged 72 years

1654 In loving memory of ELIZABETH beloved wife of LEWIS MILLWARD died April 14th 1936 aged 39 years "Mizpah" WILLIAM HENRY JACKSON died June 20th 1974 aged 56 years. NORA JACKSON beloved wife of WILLIAM HENRY JACKSON died 3rd January 1996 aged 75 years.

1655 In loving memory of ETHEL beloved wife of SAMUEL WILCOX died August 3rd 1935 aged 57 years (verse) also SAMUEL husband of the above died June 21st 1952 aged 75 years (verse) Also MARY WILCOX died February 21st 1966 aged 82 years.

1658 In ever loving memory of GORDON youngest son of EDWIN & EDITH HARRISON died June 7th 1933 in his 18th year (verse) also EDITH HARRISON the dearly beloved wife & mother died August 22nd 1937 aged 65 years and EDWIN HARRISON a dearly loved husband & father died July 5th 1945 aged 70 years (verse).

1659 In loving memory of ANNIE ELIZABETH the dearly beloved wife of JOSEPH BUNTING born November 11th 1870 died August 16th 1933 (verse) also JOSEPH BUNTING her beloved husband born October 29th 1866 died June 24th 1943 (verse).

1660 Sacred to the memory of EMILY MARGARET LONGSON who departed this life October 27th 1933 aged 66 years also JOHN WILLIAM LONGSON who entered into rest January 28th 1950 aged 79 years (verse) "Mizpah" also EMILY FRANCES LONGSON daughter died 9th November 1981 aged 86 years.

1661 In loving memory of THOMAS BANNISTER died December 25th 1933 aged 62 years MARY ELLEN his dear wife died June 9th 1942, aged 65 years. also FRANCIS GILBERT BANNISTER 1904-1972 also his dear wife IRENE LAVINIA MARY BANNISTER 1906-1983.

1662 In loving memory of CHARLES STEWART PAUL died March 20th 1934 aged 75 yrs also ELEANOR wife of the above died December 15th 1936 aged 81 years also Pte. CHARLES STEWART PAUL their son killed in France April 1918 aged 29 yrs also BEATRICE ANNIE WRIGLEY their daughter died February 20th 1937 aged 41 years died in Canada "At rest".

Beatrice Annie Paul married Hedley Wrigley 1919. They emigrated to Canada 1924

1663 In loving memory ERNEST BROOKES who died May 11th 1934, aged 47 years also AMY BROOKES the beloved wife of the above who died January 22nd 1964 aged 77 years.

1664 In ever loving memory of HILDA the beloved wife of EDWIN HARRISON Jr. who died May 31st 1934 aged 33 years (verse) also In loving memory of EDWIN HARRISON who died November 23rd 1967 aged 68 years. ALICE HARRISON died March 8th 1986 aged 92 years.

1665 In loving memory of MARY ANN beloved wife of MATTHEW HEATHCOTE died November 1st 1934 aged 57 years (verse). vase inscribed:- "M.A.H." also MATTHEW HEATHCOTE died June 29th 1946 aged 71 years.

1667 In loving memory of EMMA beloved wife of WILLIAM WORTH died April 26th 1935 aged 68 years (verse); vase inscribed:- "E.W." also WILLIAM WORTH who died March 14th 1939 aged 68 years (verse)

1668 In loving memory of ARTHUR beloved husband of EMMA BROUGH died June 29th 1935 (verse)

1669 In loving memory of SARAH ELLEN ARNOLD died November 30th 1935 aged 73 years also SAMUEL ARNOLD the beloved husband of the above died March 16th 1942 aged 79 years also LILY BRADLEY daughter of the above died April 3rd 1963 aged 67 years.

1671 In loving memory of BERTHA AINSWORTH dear wife & mother who died March 5th 1936 aged 63 years also JOHN JAMES AINSWORTH beloved husband of the above who died January 10th 1951 aged 75 years "Together again" also daughter BEATRICE SKIRVIN beloved wife of FRANK who died Nov 22nd 1988 aged 81 also FRANK SKIRVIN who died Apr 13th 1998 aged 93 "A beautiful memory left behind"

1672 In loving memory of MARGARET ANN beloved wife of HARRY BROOKES who died April 23rd 1936 aged 62 years also the above HARRY BROOKES who died August 8th 1937 aged 67 years (verse).

1673 To the memory of BENJAMIN THORLEY died February 14th 1964 aged 71 years also SARAH his beloved wife died December 1944 aged 51 years also PHILIP their son died October 10th 1936 aged 9 years.

1677 In loving memory of ERNEST beloved husband of SARAH A. PALFREYMAN born February 13th 1869 died May 25th 1938 also the above named SARAH ANN PALFREYMAN died March 30th 1946 aged 77 years also NEVILLE ERNEST son of the above died March 3rd 1977 aged 61 years.

1678 In loving memory of JOAN ROYLE died 23. 2. 1986 aged 60 also WALTER ROYLE died 12.9.1995 aged 77 "Rest in peace"

1682 In loving memory of a dear husband & father THOMAS WOOD who died September 30th 1947 aged 69 years (verse) also his beloved wife SARAH ELLEN WOOD who died November 12th 1958 aged 81 years "Peace perfect peace"

1687 In loving memory of GRAHAM LEECH beloved son of JACK & JESSIE BRADLEY died March 21st 1936 aged 2 years and ANNIE beloved daughter of WILLIAM & SARAH LEECH died January 3rd 1937 aged 16 years also WILLIAM LEECH died Agust 6th 1956 aged 75 years also SARAH ELLEN LEECH died April 6th 1957 age 74 years.

1688 In loving memory of JAMES BUNTING dear husband & father who died July 6th 1935 aged 63 years also EMMA beloved wife of the above who died May 6th 1957 aged 82 years also EDITH daughter of the above who died May 7th 1962 aged 61 years also JAMES NORMAN their son who died Aug 7th 1994 aged 85 his wife DOROTHY 1908-2001 "At rest" (on back of upright) RONALD EDWIN MOLINEUX dear husband and father who died November 19th 1977 aged 71 years also ARTHUR JAMES a dear son who died January 14th 1997 aged 53 years also AMY ELIZABETH daughter of JAMES & EMMA BUNTING a devoted wife and mother who died February 28th 1999 aged 86 years

1690 In loving memory of WILLIAM GIBBON born May 3rd 1852 died April 10th 1932 also ZILLAH CAROLINE beloved wife of the above born February 7th 1852 died June 18th 1933 "At rest" also their children MARIA died 1956 aged 72 ROBERT died 1979 aged 77

Details for Maria and Robert apparently wrongly inscribed

1691 vase inscribed:- In loving memory of JOHN BEVAN 1932

Audrey Bevan (widow) married John Henry Wright [buried at 1233)

1692 In loving memory of JOHN TAYLOR died September 21st 1932 aged 74 years and his wife ELIZABETH SARAH TAYLOR died August 25th 1934 aged 69 years grandson ARTHUR JOSEPH SNAPE died September 26th 1934 aged 7 years

1693 MARY HARDY died November 7th 1932 aged 38 years also ISHBEL JANNET the beloved wife of ALFRED HENRY HARDY died January 19th 1933 aged 44 years

1694 In loving memory of JAMES SMITH died April 1st 1933 aged 68 years R.I.P. his wife MARY ANN died Dec 29 1947 aged 76 years their daughter HILDA BELFIELD died April 16 1994 aged 80 years

1695 In memory of FRED GREGORY husband of ELIZABETH born 18th March 1882 died 19th February 1933 ELSIE CUMBERBIRCH daughter of the above born 12th July 1907 died 29th October 1942 ELIZABETH wife of the above born 12th July 1880 died 28th October 1961 FLORENCE BRIGG daughter of the above born 15th February 1902 died 19th June 1984 also in Memory of FRED GREGORY JP. son of the above born 10th September 1912 died 17th May 1968 (ashes interred at Macclesfield Crematorium).

1697 In loving memory of MARGARET wife of OLIVER RATCLIFFE died July 2nd 1934 aged 64 years also OLIVER RATCLIFFE died May 14th 1939 aged 67 years.

Margaret's death date apparently wrongly inscribed

1698 In loving memory of CLEMENT FAULDER died September 18th 1934 aged 63 years "Too dearly loved to be forgotten" also ANNIE MARIA FAULDER (cremated) dearly loved wife of CLEMENT died August 7th 1952 aged 79 years also SAMUEL brother of the above died January 28th 1944 aged 66 years "Life's voyage over". also CLEMENT JOHN (JACK) son of CLEMENT & ANNIE MARIA above died February 2nd 1999 aged 84 years.

1700 HARRY beloved husband of ANNE LOMAS who died February 11th 1935 aged 44 years

1703 In loving memory of JANE HANNAH beloved wife of ALLAN OLDFIELD who died December 8th 1935 aged 55 years also ALLAN OLDFIELD who died January 27th 1954 aged 74 years. loving memories of WILLIAM OLDFIELD 8th Aug 1918 - 21st Dec 2001 dear husband of GRACE father and grandfather "At rest"

1705 In loving memory of FRANCIS DICKENS who departed this life March 14th 1936 aged 68 years also MARY ELLEN DICKENS wife of the above who departed this life March 16th 1949 aged 65 years.

1706 In loving memory of WALTER EVANS died May 7th 1936 aged 64 years. ELIZABETH ANN EVANS died June 23rd 1937 aged 67 years also MABEL EVANS their daughter died February 5th 1948 aged 53 years.

1708 In loving memory of REUBEN SNAPE died 27th May 1937 aged 66 years also his wife ELLEN died 12th August 1958 aged 87 years also ELIZABETH HANKINSON died 15th January 1952 aged 89 years.

1711 In loving memory of ALFRED THOMAS PAYNE CAPPER died 29th August 1938 aged 50 years also his wife ANNIE died 26th April 1950 aged 53 years also ALFRED's daughter MAY died 7th October 1940 aged 23 years also ALFRED & ANNIE's daughter GRACE MARY SMITH died 29th December 1999 aged 66 years "She lived for those she loved, and those she loved remember"

1712 (Front):- In loving memory of WINIFRED the beloved wife of CHARLES TOMKINSON who passed away on September 11th 1932 aged 26 years also ANNIE LOUISA POTTS mother of the above died January 7th 1952 aged 72 years (LH side):- also FRANK POTTS beloved husband of LYLIAN died 9th September 1978 aged 69 years. (RH side):- also HARRY husband of ANNIE POTTS died July 18th 1958 aged 83 years.

1713 In loving memory of my dear husband JAMES HAYMAN who passed away February 19th 1932 in his 38th year.

1714 In loving memory of a dear wife and mother FRANCES A. CROSS born December 8th 1899 died March 1st 1968 also JAMES CROSS born March 30th 1896 died July 27th 1972. also their son FRANK a dear husband and father born May 29th 1934 died Nov 5th 1989

1715 In loving memory of JOHN ARTHUR ASHTON who entered into rest February 6th 1938 in his 66th year. "Till we meet again" Also of HANNAH his wife called to higher service November 11th 1967 aged 90 years. "Re-united" also MARY daughter of the above who died 22nd June 1995 aged 90 years "At peace" also OLIVE their elder daughter who died 22nd July 2004 in the 102nd year of her age "All is safely gathered in"

No death record found for Olive Ashton. There are several possible matches with other surnames, but none in Cheshire

1716 In loving memory of my dear husband JOSEPH MORRELL who died February 12th 1937 aged 55 years (verse) also SARAH JANE beloved wife of the above died July 21st 1948 aged 70 years. "At rest" JAMES WILLIAM MORRELL died 5th October 2000 aged 85 years "beloved husband, dad, grandad and great grandad a true gentleman dearly loved" also EDITH EYRES sister of JIM 1910 - 1965 "sadly missed"

1717 In loving memory of MARIAN the beloved wife of ALBERT EDWARD WEATE died November 14th, 1935 aged 47 years.

1719 In loving memory of JEREMIAH JAMES the beloved husband of ETHEL BROWN died March 20th 1932 aged 35 years. "Not gone from memory, not gone from love, but gone to the Father's home above" also ETHEL the beloved wife of JEREMIAH JAMES died January 4th 1989 aged 84 years "In heavenly love abiding"

Ethel Brown married John Plant in 1934

1720 JAMES ROBERT WEBSTER born May 22nd 1860 died April 2nd 1931 Also ALICE the Beloved wife of HAROLD HODKINSON & daughter of JAMES ROBERT & MARY HANNAH WEBSTER who died July 7th 1945 aged 56 years. Also MARY HANNAH wife of the above who died May 7th 1939 aged 75 years.

James's death year apparently wrongly inscribed

1721 In loving memory of JOHN THOMAS HARRISON died January 23rd 1933 aged 71 years also REBECCA his beloved wife died May 4th 1932 aged 63 years.

1722 In loving memory of WILLIAM THOMAS STUBBS who died September 9th 1932 aged 58 years also MARY his wife who died December 10th 1937 aged 64 years also JAMES WILLIAM their son who died December 30th 1930 aged 30 years.

1723 In loving memory of EDWIN McGUIGAN who died 4th October 1932 aged 39 years.

1724 In loving memory of ANNIE ELIZABETH GOODWIN died January 11th 1933 aged 63 years. also ABRAHAM GOODWIN died April 11th 1944 aged 71 years Also JOSEPH their son died June 7th 1968 aged 70 years.

1725 In loving memory of MARY the beloved wife of CHARLES BRADDOCK who died August 21st 1933 aged 48 years also CHARLES BRADDOCK died April 20th 1969 aged 79 years.

1726 In loving memory of ERNEST EZRA WAINWRIGHT who fell asleep March 3th 1934 aged 46 years.

1727 (Top):- In loving memory (Side 1):- SARAH DRABBLE died August 11th 1966 aged 85 years. HERBERT DRABBLE died March 17th 1934 aged 52 years. (Side 2):- PHYLLIS loving wife of HORACE McDONALD and daughter of HERBERT DRABBLE died March 10th 1945 aged 34 years.

1728 In loving memory of GLADYS infant daughter of JOHN THOMAS & ALICE MITCHELL born July 16th 1934 died July 27th 1934 Also the above ALICE MITCHELL who died June 30th 1950 aged 42 years. And JOHN THOMAS MITCHELL who died February 21st 1952 aged 46 years.

1729 In loving memory of (LH side) ELIZABETH MARY MARTIN died December 16th 1934 aged 77 years. DOROTHY FAIRCLOUGH died May 12th 1937 aged 42 years. FRANK FAIRCLOUGH died June 24th 1938 aged 20 years. (RH side):- (verse) (bottom):- HUGH FAIRCLOUGH died April 20th 1951

1730 inscribed In memory of GEORGE TOMLINSON died February 7th 1935 aged 53 years.

1731 In loving memory of ANN beloved wife of HARRY WHISTON who died May 20th 1935 aged 53 years also the above HARRY WHISTON who died May 7th 1941 aged 54 years.

1733 ELIZABETH NEEDHAM died April 5th 1945 aged 79 years and JOHN T. NEEDHAM died October 20th 1935 aged 76 years.

1734 EMILY A. BERRY called to a higher service January 15th 1936. Also ALBERT LATHAM WILBRAHAM died January 28th 1950 aged 67 years. Also his wife JANET MILLER WILBRAHAM died September 16th 1960 aged 78 years.

1735 In ever loving memory of our darling mother EDITH ANNIE GOODWIN who fell asleep March 11th 1936 aged 54 years. Also our darling dad CHARLES who fell asleep September 13th 1958 aged 74 years. Also GLADYS WILLIAMS died September 20th 1968 aged 62 years. also HERBERT husband of GLADYS died November 22nd 1989 aged 82 years.

1736 A token of love to BLANCHE the beloved wife of JOHN C. COOPER of Stalybridge who died March 26th 1936 aged 52 years. Also the above named JOHN CHARLES COOPER who died February 12th 1962 aged 78 years. (COOPER inscribed on bottom stone surround).

1737 In loving memory of a dear husband & father JOHN AINSWORTH who died February 6th 1963 aged 57 years. Also our dear mother & father LOUISA AINSWORTH who died November 30th 1936 aged 57 years. JOSEPH AINSWORTH who died March 13th 1960 aged 86 years.

1738 In fond remembrance of ENID COE from her fellow workers.

1741 In loving memory of a dear wife & mother FLORRIE STEWART died August 21st 1938 aged 51 years. Also ROBERT her beloved husband died December 19th 1976 aged 93 years.

1746 In loving memory of our dear mother & father ALICE OLDFIELD born 1894 died 1965 JAMES E. OLDFIELD born 1894 died 1966. also DORIS daughter of the above and a dear sister born 1915 died 1990 "As sweet today as yesterday" also NELLIE OLDFIELD dearly loved daughter sister and aunty 19th April 1997 aged 76 years

1747 Treasured memories of our two dear sons KEITH R. WILMOT died 10th October 1973 aged 27 years DEREK J. WILMOT died 11th October 1973 aged 25 years. ADA HOUGH died December 19th 1965 aged 88 years also her husband ALFRED died July 11th 1966 aged 90 years. EVA WILMOT 1906 - 1985. REGINALD JOHN WILMOT 1908 - 1985.

1749 vase inscribed:- TIMOTHY DAVID LOCKETT.

1751 POTTS - FRED 1910 - 1966 PHYLLIS 1911-1999 "In God's keeping"

[In 1987 there was recorded a partly sunken crosss, with no visible inscription. This has been replaced by the present memorial]

1752 Treasured memories of BERT WOOD 28th September 1900 - 20th January 1966, and LILIAN MAY 25th May 1902 - 28th November 1983, beloved parents of JEAN & SHEILA

1753 MALCOLM PETER GREEN born 18.11.1950 died 9.4.1966 age 15 years DANIEL MICHAEL GREEN born 15.4.1990 died 18.4.1990 aged 3 days 16 hours DOUGLAS MALCOLM GREEN Aug 1930 - Dec 2000 SHEILA GREEN Jan 1931 - Jan 2007

1755 In loving memory of ANNIE RENSHAW 1879-1966 her son GEORGE FODEN 1911-1990 his wife EDITH ANNIE (nee WALKER) 1907-1993

1758 In loving memory of my beloved wife ELSIE BYROM died 28th March 1968 aged 51. JULIE DONNA BYROM died 12th March 1985 aged 9 years.

1759 In loving memory of LILY WHITE died 18 September 1968 aged 29 HAROLD WHITE died 15 February 1973 aged 65 MILLICENT WHITE died 8 March 1998 aged 84

1761 In loving memory of FLORENCE GREEN died 19th October 1968 aged 69 years also ROBERT HENRY beloved husband of the above died 8th July 1974 aged 80 years.

1762 In loving memory of my dear wife DOROTHY MARLEY died April 5th 1969 aged 63 years. also ROBERT husband of DOROTHY died April 8th 1978 aged 74 years.

1765 In loving memory of a dearly loved husband and father JOHN JOHNSON passed away March 15th 1970 aged 54 years. Also ELSIE JOHNSON beloved wife and mother passed away May 1st 1986 aged 64 years.

1766 In loving memory of a dear wife and mother LEAH LEIGH passed away January 27th 1973 aged 81 years. Also JOSEPH LEIGH husband of the above, passed away December 21st 1982 aged 95 years.

1767 Cherished memories of JOHN NEVILLE KING much loved husband dad and grandad Nov 10 1926 - Jan 27 1994 "Lovingly remembered"

1768 Fondest memories of a dear husband dad and grandad CYRIL WILLIAM WALMSLEY who died 4th April 1994 aged 73 years also EDITH loving wife mother and grandmother who died 3rd December 1995 aged 71 years "Too dearly loved to be forgotten"

1770 "A rose that will forever bloom" NORAH HANNAH BRADDOCK beloved wife mother and grandmother born 5th November 1942 at rest 17th February 1996.

1771 In loving memory of JOSEPH OLDFIELD who died 21st December 1996 aged 69 also his beloved wife ALICE who died 10th January 2007 aged 79 "God bless" and their daughter LOUISE who died 23rd February 2013 aged 62. "Always in our hearts; Forever in our thoughts" on separate stone "In loving memory of a dear son"

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