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Memorial Inscriptions in St John's Churchyard

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Plan of Section F 1938 extension and overview

section F

Area Area F 1938 extension Burial Plots 1775 to 1873

36 inscriptions listed below. Plot numbers in red refer to the plan above.

1775 vase inscribed :- In loving memory of JOHN MITCHELL.

1778 In loving memory of MAGGY WILLIAMSON who died October 31st 1952 aged 73 years also JOHN WILLIAMSON who died December 26th 1958 aged 79 years also TOM son of the above who died February 7th 1945 aged 32 years.

1786 In loving memory of JOHN ROWSON who died June 2nd 1941 aged 73 years also his loving wife MARGARET who died January 7th 1950 aged 80 years also JOHN ROWSON son of the above who died December 28th 1959 aged 60 years (separate stone):- ANNIE SMITH their daughter died July 15th 1975, aged 74 years

1787 To the memory of a dear husband & dad HERBERT HINDLEY died December 23rd 1953 aged 48 years also ELSIE HINDLEY wife of the above died February 26th 1984 aged 78 years also JOSEPH HINDLEY died November 9th 1941 aged 69 years.

1788 inscribed :- From fellow workmates to WILLIAM BRADLEY died February 6th 1942 aged 44 years.

1792 inscribed:- WILLIAM WRIGHT a token of respect from his fellow workers of Shaw Jardin.

1793 In loving memory of WALTER BASS who died 17th May 1943 aged 67 years also ANNE his beloved wife who died 15th May 1954, aged 77 years also MABEL ELLEN their daughter & beloved wife of JOHN WOOD who died 20th September 1963 aged 59 years "Rest in peace"

1798 In memory of my dear wife ANNIE E. MASON died January 1946 aged 49 years also JAMES MASON died November 1980 aged 82 years.

1799 In loving memory of a devoted husband & father GEORGE WILLIAM NEWCOMBE died 16th April 1955 aged 65 years also his dear wife LUCY ELLEN died 22nd January 1966 aged 78 years. also son of the above JEFFREY GEORGE died 2nd June 1993 aged 72 years "Blessed are the pure in heart" In loving memory of JOAN NEWCOMBE 1925-2012 dear wife of JEFFREY

1801 inscribed :- In loving memory of THOMAS LEIGH.

1812 4126477 Private A. McM. DUXFIELD The Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders 15th June 1941 aged 22 years.

Commonwealth War Grave
Relationship with Lavinia Walker not known (also recorded as buried in this plot in 1942)

1813 In loving memory of GEORGE BASSETT who died December 20th 1954 aged 66 years also ELIZA ANN beloved wife of the above who died January 16th 1942 aged 56 years. (vase) from her fellow workers.

1814 In loving memory of JAMES POTTS who died 17th February 1942 at the age of 72 also SARAH POTTS died 18th August 1954 aged 87 years.

1815 In loving memory of my dear husband ALFRED JACKSON who fell asleep April 13th 1942 aged 74 years also ANN beloved wife of the above who entered into eternal rest November 29th 1955, aged 82 years.

1824 In loving memory of BERTHA beloved wife of ARTHUR BEVAN died November 23rd 1944 aged 40 years.

1833 In loving memory of WILLIAM DALE 1868-1939 HANNAH DALE 1877-1972 DONALD SUTTON 1938-1942 NANCY SUTTON 1913-1978

New memorial 2020

1835 vase inscribed :- A token of respect from his fellow workers.

1838 vase inscribed In memory of LILY DERBYSHIRE died May 7th 1941 aged 53 years also ALBERT DERBYSHIRE died September 16th 1964 aged 77 years. Also JAMES NELSON their dear son died April 3rd 1978 aged 66 years.

1840 In loving memory of WALTER WHITEHURST who died September 10th 1941 aged 56 years also ANN WHITEHURST who died July 20th 1970 aged 85 years.

1846 vase inscribed :- To the memory of a dear father JOHN HENRY ROBINS died 23rd May 1943, aged (?)

1851 In loving memory of MARY ALICE CHAPMAN born 14th October 1877, died 28th April 1945 (verse) also JANE CHAPMAN sister of the above who died 4th February 1952 aged 81 years also LILY ANN SMITH dearly loved wife & mother who died January 9th 1961 aged 71 years also Gnr. JAMES SHATWELL died a Prisoner of war in Japanese hands 13th June 1943 and was buried in Hill Cemetery Kokopo, New Britain aged 30 years "In memory's garden we meet every day" also EVELYN MAY SHATWELL born 6.11.1907 died 9.5.1995

1852 Sacred to the memory of MARY JANE INGHAM who died March 13th 1941 aged 86 years also MARY KENYON who died May 9th 1945 aged 86 years.

1853 In loving memory of EDA VARE December 1st 1938 63 years. GEORGE HENRY VARE February 28th 1961 84 years. JOSEPH VARE August 1st 1983 67 years. NELLIE VARE November 7th 1992 88 years.

1856 To the memory of SARAH ANNE LEIGH died February 14th 1939 aged 57 years also ARTHUR beloved husband of the above died October 25th 1964 aged 83 years also FLORENCE his beloved wife died April 12th 1981 aged 81 years.

1857 vase inscribed :- FLORENCE NOLAN 1897 - 1985.

1859 Also HERBERT FURNESS son of the above who died January 26th 1943 aged 69 years. Also his wife BERTHA FURNESS died August 7th 1974 aged 100 years.

1859 vase inscribed :- Remembrance ELSIE from her fellow workers at Claphams

1860 In loving memory of HENRY J. E. HUGHES November 1880 - November 1969 also OLIVE his wife June 1922 - January 1971 (verse).

Olive's dates apparently wrongly inscribed (1923-1972)

1861 In loving memory of EVELYN HOYLE

1862 To the memory of my beloved husband JOHN W. CONNOLLY died November 28th 1964 aged 56 years.

1863 In loving memory of our dear mother & father EDITH GABBOTT died August 18th 1940 aged 47 years also FRED husband of the above died November 19th 1952 aged 62 years.

1865 In loving memory of CHARLES FREDERICK PRICE who fell asleep June 13th 1941 aged 67 years also MARTHA his wife who fell asleep May 14th 1941 aged 79 years also FRANCIS WILLIE brother of the above who died November 12th 1949 aged 66 years also SARAH JANE sister of the above who died April 1st 1962 aged 83 years.

1866 In loving memory of WILLIAM beloved husband of MARJORY D. BROGDEN who fell asleep December 14th 1941 aged 43 years.

1870 Sacred to the memory of BLANCHE the beloved wife of EVAN McGUIGAN died 2nd August 1943 aged 54 years In everlasting memory of EVAN McGUIGAN who died April 12th 1950 aged 64 years also BERTHA McGUIGAN who died February 27th 1953 aged 62 years.

1871 In loving memory of our dear father ALBERT CLAYTON who died February 26th 1956 aged 81 years also our dear mother KATE who died June 2nd 1956 aged 80 years also JEAN MOULD granddaughter aged 7 weeks also JOSEPH JACKSON their son-in-law who died March 26th 1971 aged 74 years also ANNIE JACKSON wife of the above who died April 28th 1978 aged 80 years also ALBERT CLAYTON who died June 7th 1978 aged 66 years also ELSIE CLAYTON who died January 3rd 2010 aged 88 years HARRY JACKSON died 4th April 2009 aged 89 years also MAY CLAYTON died 11th May 2009 aged 92 years.

1872 In loving memory of JANE beloved wife of HERBERT W. CLARKE who fell asleep June 7th 1944 aged 66 years also HERBERT WARDLE CLARKE who died December 4th 1948 aged 71 years also ALAN WARDLE CLARKE who died August 23rd 1970 aged 65 years and BESSIE his wife who died April 22nd 1990 aged 85 years.

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