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Memorial Inscriptions in St John's Churchyard

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Plan of Section F 1942 extension and overview

section F

Area B Burial F 1942 extension Burial Plots 1874 to 2109

164 inscriptions listed below. Plot numbers in red refer to the plan above.

1877 Vase inscribed :- JOHN CLAYTON died October 19th 1958 82 years C. E. CLAYTON died October 4th 1947 at rest.

1878 In loving memory of FLORENCE DAVENPORT who died 16th March 1948 aged 61 years and WILLIAM DAVENPORT husband of the above who died 28th April 1967 aged 81 years.

1879 In loving memory of JACK WORTHINGTON died 2 March 1946 also his beloved wife EMMELINE died 17 February 1974 "Together again"

1880 Treasured memories of my dear husband HARRY WEBSTER who passed away March 4th 1946 aged 62 years (verse) also ANNIE wife of the above who died February 27th 1955 aged 78 years.

1882 In memory of OLIVER O. and MARY ELLEN REDFERN.

1885 Treasured memories of my dear husband JOSEPH HARDY who died 22nd December 1963 aged 64 years also ANNIE wife of the above who died 21st December 1978 aged 79 years also ADA STRINGER who died 4th July 1982 aged 77 year also her husband JACK STRINGER who died 30th July 1983 aged 82 years.

1886 In loving memory of my dear sister ELIZA FRANCES STANWAY died 9th February 1947 aged 71 years and my dearly loved wife MARTHA ANN COE died 25th May 1951 aged 61 years.

Frances Coe married Joseph Stanway 1915

1887 In loving memory of BERTHA the dearly loved wife of THOMAS GOODWIN died 5th July 1948, aged 59 years. Vase inscribed :- BERTHA GOODWIN Treasured memories of a dear wife & mother.

memorial has been placed sideways between plots 1886 and 1887.

1889 In loving memory of SARAH PRESS 1884-1946 also her husband BENJAMIN 1881-1949 also their daughter ELIZABETH CLAYTON 1902-1979 and JAMES CLAYTON 1898-1983 (verse) also their son WILFRED STUART CLAYTON 1937-1997

1890 In loving memory of my dear son EDWARD SUTTON __

Possibly should be Edgar George Sutton, thought to be buried at plot 1934?.

1891 Vase inscribed:- In loving memory of our dear mother SARAH E. GOSLING "At rest."

1893 Treasured memories of GEORGE the dear husband of ROWENA BROWN died 19th May 1953, aged 71 years also the above ROWENA BROWN died February 17th 1958, aged 72 years.

1894 Vase inscribed:- To RHODA & WILFRED HARTLEY (verse).

1895 In loving memory of Mum Dad and Grandad ANNIE WHITEHURST born 1915 died 1955 PERCY WHITEHURST born 1913 died 1955 JOSEPH MARSDEN died 1959

Percy's death year apparently wrongly inscribed

1898 Treasured memories of our dear son NORMAN ARNOLD BRADLEY who died December 22nd 1948 aged 22 years also BENJAMIN BRADLEY who died December 24th 1953 aged 65 years also EDITH BRADLEY who died February 17th 1972 aged 79 years

1899 In loving memory of MARGARET A. SPOONER 1890-1962; Vase inscribed :- Mother. and JOHN W. SPOONER 1890-1975 also RACHAEL UNWIN & WILLIAM UNWIN (verse). (Vase inscribed :- in loving memory of WILLIAM UNWIN died 2nd September 1946 (verse).

1900 Treasured memories of my dear husband JOHN TAYLOR FURNESS who passed away December 27th 1948 aged 61 years (verse) also EDITH FURNESS a devoted wife and mother who died June 5th 1956 aged 67 years.

1902 Vase inscribed:- In loving memory of HARRY SHATWELL.

Probably the Harry Shatwell buried 1962

1903 Vase inscribed:- In loving memory of our dear dad JAMES HENRY LEA died January 21st 1951 aged 73 years (verse) ELSIE LEA 1914-1996

1905 Cherished memories of STELLA STEWART a beloved wife and mother died 31st August 1978 aged 74 years R. I. P. DONALD AUDLEY STEWART husband of the above died 31 August 1987 aged 84 years "Re-united" (bottom) In loving memory of JOSEPH STEWART died January 7th 1935 aged 81 years. (LH side) GORDON AUDLEY died at Cambrai November 1917 aged 19 years. HEDLEY died at Baumont Hamel November 1916 aged 27 years. (RH side) WILLIAM AUDLEY died November 21st 1920 aged 33 years. GEORGE DOUGLAS died Nov 1897 aged 3 years.

kerbs commemorating last 5 were originally at plot 180 and relocated here in 2011. Details for George Douglas apparently wrongly inscribed

1906 The memory of WILLIAM LEIGH a dear husband and father who died 26th February 1949 aged 80 years MARY JANE LEIGH a beloved wife and mother died 24th July 1952 aged 83 years And their daughter ELLA died 28th May 1980 aged 78 years.

1907 In loving memory of JOSHUA DAVIES who died April 3rd 1964 in his 74th year also MAUD DAVIES dearly loved wife of the above who died July 31st 1967 in her 85th year.

1908 In loving memory of a dear wife and mother JOAN UNWIN died Feb 12th 1951 aged 26 years.

1909 Vase inscribed:-To our darling daughter ANNE.

1910 TOM BARROW who died 26th September 1948 at the age of 59. LILY BARROW born 25th December 1890 died 11th June 1980.

1911 Loving memory of ARTHUR LOMAS.

1912 In memory of DAVID MORECROFT a dear husband and father who died 4th September 1951 "In Gods keeping."

1913 In loving memory of a dear husband and father EDWARD CHADWICK who died 31st October 1951 aged 75 years Also ELIZABETH ALICE beloved wife of the above who died 14th March 1966 aged 86 years also CYRIL EDWARD CHADWICK son of the above died 2nd April 1990 aged 84 years also MAGGIE wife of the above died 19th May 1998 aged 87 "RIP"

1914 In loving memory of EDITH MAY McGUINNESS a dear wife and mother died 7th Jan 1954 aged 53 years "into Thy hands O Lord" DENIS McGUINNESS 7.2.1940-15.6.2003 MAY JOHNSON 7.10.1936-23.8.2004 "At rest with mother"

1915 In loving memorv of JESSE BOWDEN died 26th January 1954 aged 38 years.

1916 JAMES WRIGLEY 12th March 1905-3rd December 1955; Vase: - "In memory of James Wrigley aged 50 years" also EDITH WRIGLEY wife of JAMES 24th January 1908-21st December 1999 (verse)

1917 Treasured memories of FLORENCE ANNETTA WADE a loving wife mum nan and great nan born 31.7.1913 fell asleep 11.1.2000 "Good night, God bless" ROLAND WADE much loved husband dad grandad and great grandad born 9.9.1915 fell asleep 16.2.2009 "United together" also ELIZABETH M TAYLOR 1893-1956 and JOSEPH T TAYLOR 1914-1968 mother and brother of FLORENCE

1920 In loving memory of my dear husband CHARLES EDWARD KIRK who passed away March 16th 1949 aged 63 years (verse) Also his loving wife FLORRIE died March 5th 1973 aged 87 years.

1922 In loving memorv of BETTY died April 5th 1949 aged 20 years.

1926 In loving memory of SAM UNWIN died May 1st 1947 aged 67 years Also EMILY wife of the above died February 27th 1949 aged 80 years Also FRED RIDGWAY UNWIN died February 28th 1962 aged 78 years also MARION his wife died March 6th 1998 aged 98 years also STANLEY UNWIN died January 31st 1958 aged 71 years

1928 In loving memory of JOHN W. HENSHAW died 10th May 1949 aged 65 years Also MARTHA ELLEN his beloved wife died 9th July 1967 aged 82 years Also PHYLLIS ROLLEY daughter of the above died January 7th 1974 aged 60 years. Vase inscribed:- In loving memory of J. W. HENSHAW.

1929 In loving memory of SOPHIA HARRIS died 1st July 1964 aged 81 years Also MARY HANNAH STEPHENS died 29th January 1975 aged 90 years Also LESLIE BAGNALL died 24th July 1975 aged 61 years.

1930 vase inscribed:- In loving memory of ELIZABETH MORLEY 7.12.1911 - 21.6.1951 JOSEPH MORLEY 6.5.1906 - 4.7.1981

1932 In loving memory of a dear husband JOHN T. HUGHES died May 31st 1949.

1934 vase inscribed:- In loving memory of my dear husband EDGAR SUTTON "At rest."

1937 vase inscribed:- ELSIE HARDY also JOHN O. HARDY.

1939 Dearest father WILLIAM HENRY BEAVER 1891-1956. Beloved mother AMELIA BEAVER 1900-1985.

1941 vase inscribed In loving memory of ANNE BROOKE and JOHN W. BROOKE.

1943 In loving memory of FRANK MAYERS 1890-1949 Also his dear wife LINDA JANE MAYERS 1892-1971.

1945 In loving memory of a dear wife and mother ALICE BERRY, who departed this life May 20th 1951 aged 73 years. Also her husband GEORGE BERRY died January 8th 1971 aged 95 years. Also WILLIAM BERRY their son died December 10th 1971 aged 68 years (cremated). Also their daughter MILDRED BERRY died January 7th 1993 aged 86 years (cremated)

1946 In loving memory of our dear father and mother, PERCY DOUGLAS POWELL died 25th September 1947 aged 46 years. EMMA POWELL died 21st June 1969, aged 63 years Also DOUGLAS their son died 8th January 1983 aged 54 years taken suddenly GARY DOUGLAS POWELL died 10th February 2005 aged 33 years.

1950 In loving memory of WILFRED the beloved husband of SYLVIA COOKE died January 18th 1950 aged 58 years. Also JACK son of the above died January 3rd 1953 aged 30 years. Also the above named SYLVIA COOKE died August 11th 1962 aged 71 years.

1954 In loving memory of ANNIE the beloved wife of ARTHUR LEIGH died February 28th 1949 aged 56 years. Also ARTHUR LEIGH the beloved husband of the above died April 9th 1958 aged 66 years. Also BRENDA NIXON LEIGH their daughter born 9th October 1922 died 14th June 1985. (vase) BRENDA

1955 Treasured memories of my dear wife HARRIET SNAPE, who died July 18th 1949, aged 48 years. Also WALTER SNAPE who died November 19th 1958, aged 55 years. Also a vase inscribed :- " S ".

1957 In loving memory of a wonderful husband dad grandad JACK McNULTY died 2 March 2002 aged 79 years. Vase inscribed :- JIM MILLER died January 20th 1952 aged 28 years.

1960 In loving memory of our dear mother and father, ALICE WALKER, died 30th January 1957, aged 55 years; FRANK WALKER, died 10th January 1974, aged 71 years. Vase inscribed:- In loving memory of a dear wife and mother ALICE WALKER died 30th January 1957, aged 55 years.

1961 In loving memory of EMILY GERTRUDE WHITEHURST the beloved wife of ARTHUR WILLIAM WHITEHURST died February 10th 1957 aged 69 years

memorial grassed over

1964 Treasured memories of my dear husband JOHN EDWIN BIDDULPH died 30th June 1952 aged 65 years Also FRANCES his beloved wife died 25th June 1968 aged 79 years also EDITH GOODWIN died 14 June 1984 aged 91 also ARTHUR GOODWIN died September 21(?)st 1973 aged 80 years

1966 Vase inscribed :- In loving memory of HARRY WILD also EDITH WILD

1967 Vase inscribed :- In loving memory of my dear husband HAROLD BERRY 4th January 1957 aged 54 years.

1968 In loving memory of a dear wife and mother HARRIET ANN GOODWIN who died April 20th 1957 aged 75 years. Also JOSEPH GOODWIN dear husband of the above who died July 26th 1983 aged 97 years. Also HARRIET ANN GOODWIN dearly beloved daughter of the above who died February 15th 1970 aged 60 years also their daughter HANNAH ELIZABETH GOODWIN died June 22nd 1999 aged 86 years and their daughter JOSEPHINE MARY GOODWIN died 15th October 2001 aged 84 years.

1969 In loving memory of AMELIA McCOY died 27th April 1957 aged 65 years.

1973 Vase inscribed :- In loving memory of our dear mother HARRIET JACKSON died December 12th 1947.

1974 JANET ADAM MARSHALL died 6th March 1958. "I shall love thee better after death".

1975 In memory of our dear parents ELIZA RAWLINSON died 21st May 1958 aged 70 years VALERIE LEIGH died 5th September 1964 aged 16 years "In Gods care". and JOE RAWLINSON died 2nd September 1967 aged 76 years

1979 In loving memory of a dear wife and mother DORIS COE who died February 3rd 1959 aged 56 years also HARRY COE beloved husband of the above who died July 19th 1962 aged 56 years.

1981 Vase 1 inscribed:- In loving memory of a dear wife & mother MARION FINNEY died 24th July 1964 aged 63 years also THOMAS FINNEY died 19th February 1958 aged 84 years also THOMAS FINNEY husband of MARION FINNEY died 8th November 1968 aged 60 years. Vase 2 inscribed:- In loving memory of THOMAS ROY FINNEY 1931-1976. "Life's work well done".

Thomas Finney senior's death year apparently wrongly inscribed

1982 In loving memory of JOSEPH BRADLEY died March 2nd 1959 aged 69 years. Vase inscribed:- In loving memory of JOSEPH BRADLEY aged 69 years.

1983 In memory of LEAH WHALLEY died 17th December 1959 aged 65 years GEORGE WHALLEY died 1st August 1960 aged 74 years.

1985 Sacred to the memory of ARTHUR beloved husband of HELENA PIMLOTT who entered into rest July 26th 1953 aged 72 years HELENA his wife who entered into rest October 6th 1960 aged 78 years "At rest".

1987 In loving memory of a dear husband JOSEPH BIRCHENOUGH died April 6th 1960 aged 73 years also EMMA his beloved wife died January 2nd 1968 aged 82 years

1988 In remembrance of ARTHUR BARTON died 19th August 1960 aged 70 years also FLORENCE his beloved wife died 22nd April 1976 aged 89 years.

1989 In loving memory of MARJORIE BAMFORD passed away 24th September 1960 aged 36 years. Vase inscribed:- MARJORIE BAMFORD 1924-1960 "Ever loved".

1990 Treasured memories of a much loved father & mother HAROLD SNAPE 1887-1960 MIRIAM his dear wife 1893-1981.

1991 In loving memory of FLORENCE THOMAS died 20th October 1960 aged 68 years.

1993 Treasured memories of GARY MARK KENDRICK 17.10.60-7.2.61 cherished son brother and grandson "A tiny flower lent not given, to bud on earth and bloom in heaven" THOMAS BROCKLEHURST 8.5.03-17.7.89 beloved husband of JESSIE and dearly loved dad grandad and great grandad JESSIE BROCKLEHURST 24.5.07-22.5.2000 beloved wife of THOMAS dearly loved mum nan and great nan "Always in our thoughts"

1994 In loving memory of a dear wife & daughter DOROTHY BROWN died 20th May 1961 aged 38 years.

1997 In loving memory of BEATRICE WHITEHURST devoted wife & mother died 18th January 1962 aged 66 years also WILFRED a dear husband & father died 18th October 1964 aged 70 years.

1999 In loving memory of a dear husband ARTHUR HOLMES who died October 21st 1958 aged 55 years R.I.P.

2000 MARJORIE PROCTER May 1903-August 1962 SHIRLEY WALKER 26 January 1928-21 July 1993

2001 In loving memory of our dear mother WINIFRED KERSHAW who passed away 27th September 1962 aged 76 years JANE, EILEEN, GLADYS.

2004 Treasured memories of a devoted wife & mother ADA SHATWELL died April 1st 1970 aged 76 years (verse) also JOSEPH husband of the above died December 14th 1973 aged 77 years "At rest" N. SHATWELL 1884-1963.

2005 THOMAS ASHWORTH PILKINTON January 17th 1947 - June 8th 1963 " R.I.P." Tommy a much loved son also JACK PILKINTON died February 22nd 1971 aged 59 years also BARBARA MARGARET beloved wife of JACK and mother of TOMMY died August 19th 1996 aged 85 years also baby SINCLAIR

no dates given for baby Sinclair

2008 In loving memory of ROLAND EDMUND TINSLEY From a loving wife and sons born 2.6.1918 died 14.1.1982. R. I .P. also PHILIP TINSLEY born 4.9.1950 died 21.12.1992 beloved husband dad son and brother "At rest" DOROTHY TINSLEY loving mother born 17.12.1919 died 21.6.1998

2009 In loving memory of JOSEPH FREDERICK WAINWRIGHT died 24th December 1977 aged 85 years ELIZABETH ANN WAINWRIGHT died 3rd March 1976 aged 78 years.

2010 In loving memory of GEORGE EDWIN WRAGGE 1913 -1975 and his wife JEAN MARY WRAGGE 1920-1997

2011 In loving memory of a dear wife and mother MAY HIGGINBOTHAM died June 7th 1974 aged 61 years (verse) STANLEY EDWARD HIGGINBOTHAM 27th August 1912 to 24 August 1999 "a quiet gentle man"

2012 In loving memory of JAMES PATRICK GORMAN a dearly loved husband father and grandad died 16th June 1994 aged 65 years also SYLVIA GORMAN died 26th December 1973

2013 Peace in loving memory of a gentle husband, and father JACK OSMOND MORGAN died Dec 10th 1973 aged 58 years. also his wife IVY MARY a loving wife and mother died March 16th 1996 aged 76 years

2015 In loving memory of a dear wife and mother ELSIE COOPER died September 23rd 1973 aged 67 years Also her beloved husband JOHN NORMAN COOPER died February 5th 1975 aged 72 years.

2016 In loving memory of a devoted husband and father DAVID C. MORGAN died 13th September 1973 aged 26 years.

2018 In loving memory of our dear daughter MARINA BARTON died 25th March 1972 aged 8 months.

2019 In loving memory of HENRY beloved husband of WINIFRED WRIGHT died April 19th 1971 aged 68 years "Mizpah" also WINIFRED wife of the above died 5th July 1989 aged 87 years.

2020 "At home with the Lord" ARTHUR POTTS 1901-1971 Also his beloved wife LILLIAN POTTS 1907-1983.

2021 In loving memory of a dear wife and mother GLADYS ROBINSON died April 1st 1971 aged 69 years (verse) Also ALBERT her husband died March 16th 1972 aged 71 years.

2022 Vase - no inscription

2023 Treasured memories of a dear wife and mother LUCY ANN MAYERS died 15th Dec 1970 aged 73 years And her beloved husband JOHN JAMES MAYERS died 25th March 1982 aged 84 years.

2024 In loving memory of a dear husband and dad ARCHIBALD CANTRELL died Jan 4th 1970 aged 65 years R.I.P. also his dear wife ALICE MABEL a loving mum gran and great gran died February 23rd 2000 aged 93 years

2025 In loving memory of a dear wife and mother ELSIE BURGESS who passed away Aug 3rd 1969 aged 56 years (verse) also her husband HENRY dear father and grandfather who passed away 29th December 1996 In loving memory of HELEN SMITH 4.3.1959 - 22.5.2012 (verse)

2026 In loving memory of WINIFRED beloved wife of JAMES MADDEN died 10th January 1965 aged 54 years. "At rest" Also the above named JAMES MADDEN died 30th August 1973 aged 68 years

2027 In loving memory of WILLIAM beloved husband of ELLEN CRONE died November 7th 1963 aged 57 years (verse)Also his wife ELLEN died April 8th 1981 aged 73 years (verse)also BRIAN BESWICK her son-in-law died 27th December 1991 aged 61 years. (separate stone) In Memory of DAVID JACK CRONE 10th Jan 1951 - 10th Sept 2014

2030 In loving memory of EDMUND HEATHCOTE dearly beloved son of SARAH ANN and JAMES a dear father and grandfather died 17th June 1983 R.I.P. (Vase):- EDMUND

2031 In loving memory of SYLVIA ANN HAYES-WILSON died 3rd May 1983 aged 40 years.

2032 In loving memory of JOAN BARBER died 21st April 1983 aged 47 years.

2033 In loving memory of ANNIE NEWTON died Dec 24th 1982 aged 74 years also HAROLD NEWTON died October 8th 1992 aged 88 years.

2034 Treasured memories of a dear husband father and granddad ALAN HEATHCOTE died 15th Feb 1982 aged 53 years. (Vase):- To grandad. JULIANE ANNA HEATHCOTE loving wife mother gran and nanny died 15th October 2005 aged 80 years.

2035 In memory of BRENDA ALICIA GILMOUR a beloved wife and mother died Dec 25th 1981 aged 78 years JOHN KITCHENER GILMOUR a dearly loved husband and father died March 20th 1989 aged 86 years.

2037 To the memory of JOHN ROBERTS WHITEHURST died 8th December 1979 aged 70 years Also NELLIE WHITEHURST died 6th March 1984 aged 75 years. (verse)

2038 In loving memory of BRYAN GOODWIN died 27th July 1979 aged 46 years Also MILLICENT SWINDELLS died 2nd September 1984 aged 82 years Also JOHN SWINDELLS died 30th October 1985 aged 87 years R.I.P.

2039 In loving memory of LILIAN dear wife of JAMES GIBSON died 8th March 1979 aged 72 years.

2040 Dear to the memory of JOHN SINGLETON COLLIS died 1st May 1976 aged 70 years Cremated RONALD COLLIS died 18th February 1979 aged 70 years.

2041 In loving memory of CHARLES CLARKE a dear husband and father died 6th January 1979 aged 74 years.

2042 In loving memory of ALFRED MILES EARL born 12th Feb 1912 died 7th Nov 1978 - KATHLEEN EARL born 30th May 1910 died 28th March 2006

2044 In loving memory of LILY HATTON who died May 24th 1978 aged 82 years "At rest."

2045 Sacred to the memory of lVY MAY SIDEBOTHAM a devoted wife and mother who died January 24th 1978 (verse) joined by WILLIAM ERIC in 1994 aged 93 years.

2046 In loving memory of a dear mother LYDIA HARWOOD died 23rd November 1977 aged 84 years.

2047 In loving memory of EMILY HOLMES 1899-1977 LESLIE HOLMES 1907-1993

2048 In loving memory of WILLIAM ROWLAND LONGSON a dearly loved husband and father who died Jan 14th 1977 aged 70 years "Safe Home." also DORIS AMELIA LONGSON beloved wife mother and grandma who died 28th November 1993 aged 84 years.

2049 In fon remembrance of a dear brother JIMMY MURPHY died 7th October 1976 aged 40 years formerly of Barrigone County Limerick Eire.

2050 In loving memory of a dear son and brother COLIN DAVID VERNON died 9th April 1976 aged 18 years also JOHN VERNON died 27th October 1993 aged 61 years also MARGARET VERNON died 3 November 2014 aged 82 years

2052 Cherished memories ANDREW JOHN OSBALDISTON died 24th October 1983 aged 7 months.

2053 In loving memory of our dear mother, grandmother & great grandmother LUCY WILKINSON who died 1st March 1984 also BARBARA COLLINGS beloved wife of LESLIE COLLINGS a devoted and loving mother and brilliant grandma died 9th May 2001 aged 68 years a very special lady so dearly loved so sadly missed RIP also LESLIE COLLINGS a devoted and loving husband father and grandfather died 15th January 2006 aged 79 years

2054 Cherished memories of JOAN SIMPSON loving wife & mother & grandmother born 22nd March 1926 died 15th January 1985. LEONARD SIMPSON loving husband father and grandad born 16th April 1925 died 29th August 2002 KEITH LEONARD SIMPSON loving dad and grandad born 26th July 1949 died 10th March 2005

inscriptions on front and rear of memorial

2055 In memory of ELIZA INGLEY died 10th April 1985 aged 88 years "At rest"

2056 God bless our little boy. Treasured memories of GAVIN WHITHAM born 14.10.1980 died 24.7.1985

2057 In loving memory of MARGARET WARDLE dearly loved wife mother and nana fell asleep 12th August 1985 "Peace after pain RIP" BERT WARDLE dad and grandad 1931-2010 GIANCARLO PORCELLI dad and partner 1951-2008

2058 Treasured memories of GLADYS KINDER died 2nd October 1985 aged 84 years

2059 Treasured memories of a dear husband father & grand-dad HAROLD HEAPS died 13th November 1985, aged 64 years.

2061 Treasured memories JOSEPH HOROBIN a dear husband father grandad and great grandad died 20th March 1986 aged 76 (verse) also CLARICE HOROBIN wife of JOSEPH a much loved mother grandmother and greatgrandmother died 30th December 1997 aged 88 years

2062 In loving memory of a dear mum and dad LILY GASKELL died 22nd May 1986 aged 66 years KENNETH GASKELL died 29th August 1994 aged 75 years

2063 With cherished memories of a loving son MICHAEL HULME died 11th August 1986 aged 18 years.

2064 In loving memory of FREDERICK HORROX dearly loved husband & grandpa who died 21st August 1986 aged 70 years. also his wife EMILY LITCHFIELD HORROX a much loved mother and nanna who died 21st December 1998 aged 83 years

2065 In everlasting memory of LINDA MARGARET BLOWER "Her children arise and call her blessed. Her husband also and he praises her." 1945-1987

2066 In loving memory of a dear son and brother CHRISTOPHER THOMPSON O'SULLIVAN born 8th June 1966 died 2nd March 1987 "Sleep in peace" also a dear mum and grandma ELIZABETH O'SULLIVAN born 28th October 1938 died 7th May 1999 "Together in God's care" (vase) "The Lord is my shepherd"

2067 Sacred to the memory of a dear husband father and grandfather ROY C. SMITH died 29th March 1987 aged 76 years also his beloved wife VERONICA E. SMITH died 9th May 1990 aged 76 years dearly loved mother and father of PAMELA and grandparents to MATTHEW "together in God's keeping, forever in our thoughts".

2068 In loving memory of JAMES ERNEST GUEST a dear husband father and grandfather born 2nd November 1922 died 6th July 1987 - Joyce Annie Guest Born 20th Jan. 1924 Died 18th July 2018

memorial in preparation

2071 In loving memory of HAROLD WALLACE WILLIAMS born January 6th 1914 died October 25th 1987 and EILEEN BRENDA WILLIAMS nee WHITEHURST born November 19th 1927 died January 8th 2002

2072 Treasured memories of ERIC WARREN sadly missed husband and father died 18th March 1988 aged 59 years

2078 In loving memory of my dear wife DORIS DOBSON died 2nd October 1988 aged 62 years also her beloved husband HARRY DOBSON died 1st January 2000 aged 77 years

2079 In my heart always KEVIN AINSWORTH died 15th August 1988 aged 38 years JOHN AINSWORTH a loving son and brother died 24th August 1995 aged 36 years.

2080 DORINDA MARY BLOWER 1924-1989 loved and dearly remembered by her husband GORDON and her sons JOHN and ROBERT her mother and her grandchildren.

2081 In loving memory of LESLEY ANN CARTER born 15th March 1948 died 8th January 1990 "Rest in peace" also IAN CARTER son of LESLEY born 19 May 1971 died 3rd December 2008 "The struggle is over now rest in peace we will always love you Dad; TOM DAN LAUREN"

Ian Carter's death year should read 2007?

2082 In my heart always LESLIE WARD died 12th February 1990 aged 42 years "truly loved devoted husband and daddy. Rest in peace"

2083 In loving memory of EDNA HURTLEY a dear wife mother and sister died 8th May 1990 aged 57 years

2085 Treasured memories of a dearly loved husband and father JACK UNWIN who died 8th February 1992 aged 71 years also JOYCE wife of JACK a much loved mum and nana died 8th May 1998 [on separate stone] Mum Judith Davenport 1945-2013

2086 In memory of HAROLD SHEPLEY 1919-1992

2087 In loving memory of MIRIAM CONSTANCE BERRY died 29th October 1992 aged 90 years.

2088 In loving memory of JACK FIDLER a dearly loved husband who died 4th December 1992 aged 85 years also ETHEL a dearly loved wife who died 7th June 1994 aged 84 years.

2089 In loving memory of AMANDA ROGERS 5.3.1962-9.1.1994 much loved daughter and sister "A beautiful girl"

2090 In loving memory of FRANK JOHNSTONE PIMBLOTT a dear husband dad and grandad passed away 5th July 1994 aged 65 years.

2091 Treasured memories of KENNETH JOHN BRADLEY (Ken) a dearly loved son and brother died 25th December 1994 aged 24 years

2092 In loving memory of ALBERT (DENNIS) KIRK beloved husband father and grandfather born 1.1.1930 passed away 29.7.1995

2093 "Peace" In ever loving memory of DORIS LEBLANC a dear mother beloved grandmother and great grandmother 3.2.1919-6.2.1996 (verse) also BRIAN SHATWELL beloved brother of DORIS 9.4.1932-21.10.2003 "God bless" (on separate stone) KENNETH SHATWELL 1924-2013 Rest in Peace

2094 In loving memory of DORIS ELIZABETH ARCHER loving wife mother and grandmother born 11th July 1914 died 31st October 1996 also PERCIVAL JOHN ARCHER a beloved husband father and grandfather born 19th February 1910 died 25th February 2001 "Together again"

2095 In loving memory of JOYCE WARD OLDHAM born 11th January 1908 died 3rd November 1997

2096 Treasured memories of CLIFFORD WHITEHURST a dearly loved husband dad and grandpa died 14th January 1998 aged 86 years also ALICE ANNIE WHITEHURST a much loved wife mum and nana died 28th September 2001 aged 86 years

2097 Treasured memories of EILEEN HOLMES a beloved Wife Mother and Grandma born 19.10.1931 died 26.1.1998 - So dearly loved, so sadly missed Reunited with CLIFFORD HOLMES loving Husband, Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad born 22.11.1930 died 13.8.2016 - "Champion"

2098 In loving memory of CAROLE ELIZABETH BELL 17.3.1945-10.1.1999 loving wife Mum and Granny. ROGER JAMES BELL 14.4.1942-20.11.2017 Much loved Husband, Dad and Grandad. Our hero adventurer who made us all so proud. (also wooden seat nearby: in loving memory of Carole Bell)

2099 In loving memory of MARY MAYERS 8.12.1925-6.6.1999 loving wife mother and grandma "Until we meet again son and brother GORDON MAYERS Jr 28.2.1952-19.1.2008 GORDON MAYERS 3.10.1923-12.4.2010

2100 In memory of PETER M. J. GRANT a loving husband dad and grandad born 13.5.1939 died 9.9.1999

2101 ROBERT CHAPMAN 1949-1999 a loving husband father son brother son-in-law and friend (verse)

2102 Beloved DANIEL ROGER BLOOR 19th December 1980 - 2nd January 2000 "Eternal love and devotion"

2103 In loving memory of HERBERT OLDFIELD born 13.11.1923 died 1.2.2000

2104 In loving memory of JEAN MARY BARTON 28.11.1937-8.4.2000 a dear wife mother and grandmother (verse)

2105 Treasured memories of OLIVER HEATHCOTE a loving husband dad grandad and great grandad died 18th May 2000 aged 78 years and his loving wife BEULAH mum, granny and great-granny died 8th March 2020 aged 98 years

2106 In loving memory of VERA EVESON died 5 September 2000 aged 77 years GWENDA EVESON 6th June 2002 aged 51 years LYNNE HEAPY 17th August 2004 aged 39 years "sadly missed"

Gwenda Eveson married Leslie Walker in 1973. Her death is registered with surname Walker

2107 In loving memory of JOHN EDWARD WALKER ("Eddie") born 15.3.1929 died 31.3.2001 much loved dad and grandad sadly missed

2108 Treasured memories of DONALD WILSON (Don) died 15th July 2001 aged 71 years a kind and gentle man Also MARION wife of Donald died 21 July 2017 aged 87 years Together again

2109 In loving memory of GEOFFREY LOMAS who passed away 1st November 2001 aged 69 years a loving Dad Grandad and Brother

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We do NOT receive any financial support from the Government, the Diocese, or the Church Commissioners.

Please visit our Donations page to see how you could help to keep us operating both as a centre of worship and as a resource for the local community

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The picture of the chalice is symbolic of:
"A joyful image of a Eucharistic community which knows how to celebrate God's goodness to us but also how to reach out to the community and connect with those in need, in pain, in difficulty, who feel lost or neglected, or that they don't belong."

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Last modified: 07 October 2020