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Parish Registers

The registers of baptisms, marriages and burials at St John's and St Oswald's, Bollington and Holy Trinity, Kerridge are kept at the Chester Record Office (apart from the current registers, which are kept in the parish).

A number of parish records can be searched online on this website.

Baptisms (search online)

Transcriptions of all baptisms at St John's, St Oswald's and Holy Trinity Kerridge 1834-2006 are now available online, a total of nearly 7,600 records.

You can enter a name to search for and the search will provide details of baptisms where the name is of the person baptised or one of their parents.

Marriages (search online)

The first volumes of the marriage registers have been transcribed and can be searched here. They cover all marriages at St John's and St Oswald's from 1838 to 1953. There are also a number of marriages from 1954 to 1959 but this period is incomplete as we have only transcribed complete volumes. There are nearly 1,500 records in this part of the database. Transcriptions of other volumes of the registers may be added later.

You can enter a name to search for and the search will provide details of marriages where the selected name appears as that of bride or groom, of his or her father, or of one of the witnesses to the marriage.

Witnesses to marriage are often family members; finding their names may open new lines of research.

Burials and Memorial Inscriptions (search online)

A complete transcription of the burial registers for the parish 1835-2017 exists on our database, along with a transcription of all* the memorial inscriptions. There are over 8,000 burial records and over 1,400 memorial inscriptions (including those in the Columbarium).
(*some memorials are no longer legible).

It is possible to search our database for details of burials and memorials. It is important to note the following:

  • Until recent decades, the burial registers did not systematically identify the location of individual burials within the churchyard.
  • Only about half of the 2000 or so graves have memorials with inscriptions.

So although the burial register can confirm whether an individual's remains were interred in the churchyard, our records may not identify the location of a grave.

Nevertheless, the information from the burial registers and memorials can be very valuable in tracing relatives and ancestors.

St John's

The First World War

white nancy

As part of the commemoration of the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, we created a number of memorial pages on our website remembering the soldiers (and sailors, airmen, etc) from Bollington and round about who served in WW1, as well as the War dead from both WW1 and WW2.

If your ancestors served in WW1, you may find something about them here. If you have any additional material that you would like to add to this memorial, please contact the Webmaster.

Click here to browse the Online War Memorial.

If you're interested in other military history, you might be interested to search our burials database for:

  • James Robertshaw (died 1859) Grenadier, Waterloo veteran
  • James Shaw (died 1913) 64th Foot, Indian mutiny veteran


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