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Bollington. Photo: Graham Hogg

Easy to find!

Bollington, the ‘Happy Valley’

St Oswald’s Bollington is in the Archdeaconry of Macclesfield, in the Diocese of Chester. It comes under the northern Province of York.

Bollington has been called ‘a hidden gem’ by The Sunday Times. The newspaper even said it is one of the best places to live in the NorthWest.

Here is why Bollington wins such favour.

Bollington lies along a valley right up against the Pennine range in a beautiful corner of northeast Cheshire. We are at the very edge of the Peak District National Park, surrounded by greenbelt, and also on the edge of the Cheshire Plain. We are just three miles north of Macclesfield, and a mile away from the affluent ‘Golden Triangle’ of Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Prestbury (think Man United football players). We are 19 miles south of Manchester and 12 miles west of Buxton.

Bollington is long but not wide, running for about two miles, which gives it the feel of a meandering village. It is fed by the River Dean, which has shaped its history.

Locally, Bollington has long been known as ‘The Happy Valley’, and its sugarloaf-shaped ‘White Nancy’, built by a local family to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, stands proud on a hill overlooking the town. The Macclesfield canal runs through Bollington.

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