If you need help, support, prayer, or just someone to talk to, please contact the parish. You can use the telephone number at the top of this page or the form below.

Funeral arrangements
Funerals will be arranged jointly by a Funeral Director and the parish. You may contact either one first. The parish is happy to work with any Funeral Director you choose.

Please come to the church and talk to the Vicar after one of our services or at other times by appointment.
You can contact the Vicar by phone (telephone number at the top of the page)

Burial or cremation?
It is not possible to dig any new graves in the parish churchyard (at St John’s, the former parish church), but there can still be full burials in existing family graves if there is sufficient room. If the existing grave location is known, it is possible to investigate if there is space for additional burials.

Cremated remains (often referred to as “ashes”) can be interred in the Columbarium at St John’s or in existing family graves if the location is known. The Columbarium has recently been extended to ensure that interment of cremated remains can continue at St John’s for the foreseeable future.

Funeral service
Please feel free to discuss with the parish or the Funeral Director what style of service you would like to arrange. Whether it be a service in St Oswald’s or at the Crematorium, or a service at both locations, or just a very simple ceremony in the Columbarium with only one or two family members present, we can help to arrange things as smoothly as possible.

We can help you decide what sort of service would be most appropriate and suggest readings or music that you may wish to include.

You may like to visit the Church of England’s website for further details and suggestions.

Locating graves and memorials at St John’s
It is possible to search our database for details of burials and memorials. It is important to note the following:

  • Until recent decades, the burial registers did not systematically identify the location of individual burials within the churchyard.
  • Only about half of the 2000 or so graves have memorials with inscriptions.

So although the burial register can confirm whether an individual’s remains were interred in the churchyard, our records may not identify the location of a grave.

To search the database, click here. This will take you to web-page which explains how to do a search and how to interpret the results.