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  • What about the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh?

    What about the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh?

    The story of the coming of the Magi grew in the telling. By the 6th century they had acquired names: Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar. By medieval times they were considered to be kings. Whoever they were, we do know from Matthew that they brought three gifts to Jesus.    What about their gifts of gold, frankincense and…

  •  On the Feast of Stephen 

     On the Feast of Stephen 

    Everyone knows that it was on ‘ the feast of Stephen’, that ‘good king Wenceslas looked out’, as the carol tells us. The ‘feast of Stephen’, which falls on 26th December, honours a very brave man – the first Christian martyr. Stephen was a member of the church in Jerusalem in its very early days, and…

  • The ‘wonder’ of the shepherds

    The ‘wonder’ of the shepherds

    Shepherds in first century Palestine knew the wonders and ravages of nature: star-lit nights, cold and heat, storm and calm, and the unwelcome attention of predators, both animal and human.  They were more aware than we of human dependency on the seasons, and more respectful than us of the precarious nature of existence. Fear, as well…

  • Who is the Baby?

    Who is the Baby?

    How can a Jewish infant born to a peasant family in first century Palestine be the source of peace between God and man in the 21st century?

  • Save the Children

    Save the Children

    Ever wonder how the ‘Save the Children’ charity first began? It was born out of the horrors of warfare 100 years ago, when a retired Christian schoolteacher decided to help the suffering refugees in Europe. Eglantine Jebb’s courage, compassion and determination gained her national recognition. Her work has saved literally millions of lives, and so…

  • How Father Christmas got where he is today

    How Father Christmas got where he is today

    One person you are bound to run into this Christmas season is Father Christmas. If he looks tired, just remember that he has been around a long time and gone through a lot of transformations.   Father Christmas wasn’t always the red-suited, white-bearded star of the retail trade that he is today. He began life as…

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